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[Vic] Road Trip, Vic To SA, Sat 23rd Sept

Discussion in 'VIC' started by es, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. Leaving on the 19th,20th or 21st depending on hangovers and weather.
    Coming back on the 27th,28th or 29th depending on weather, bordom and hangovers.
    Following a general route of

    Taking 2 days to get to adelaide, 2 days to come back, with overnighters in hamilton or port fairy and around hallsgap/horsham.

    Ride at your own pace, we are in no rush to get anywhere.
    Although its a long ride, there will be frequent stops (around every 200km for fuel & short breaks)

    Further details will be updated as they emerge.
    This ride will definetly be going ahead, however minor details may change closer to the date.

    Jack Russel


    support(day trippers):

    support (overnighters, booked into our accom)

    (calendar entry https://netrider.net.au/calendar/index.php?action=details&id=879 )
  2. Can't make the full trip but should be able to meet up at the Halls Gap/Horsham stopover (I assume that'll be on the way back?). Happy to meet up and ride with anyone interested in doing the same.
  3. I was thinking the same, but it would have to be a weekend.
  4. heck, depending on when you expect to get to wellington, a buch of us from adelaide may even meet you there!
  5. Weekends don't make much difference to me - but if it were a weekend I might be able to round up another 1 or 2 non-Netriders in Ballarat.
  6. Looks like I'll be coming back from SA just before you head off there. Think I'll have had enough of the place.
    (bump) :p
  7. What you will have been there a day ?? :)
  8. Try two weeks :eek:
  9. a few people have expressed intrest in doing this... Ill let you all know closer to the day what we are up to :)
  10. Ooooh... and my restrictions will be off just in time, and I already got the new bike... I've been looking for a way to celebrate! LOL

    *does a little dance* :dance:

    I wonder if I will have money by then... how late can we RSVP?
  11. Eswen told me that you shouldnt need to RSVP untill about a week before hand :)
    And Im sure she would apreciate not being the only girl going :LOL:

    I suck becuase Im not going :(

    But at least I go to NZ instead!
  12. yep, marks right :)

    hope you can come!!
  13. And don't you ever forget it baby !!! ;)
  14. I just got back from New Zealand, went away with a couple of mates on a Ski trip. The country is great, you will have a ball. If you find yourself in Queenstown at all, the night life is awsome :grin: , everyone is so friendly!

    I remember looking at the roads wishing I had a motorbike.
  15. If I have the new bike, and the spare funds, I'll be there with tassles on ;) :p

    So thats a maybe :p
  16. ok i added you to the maybe list :)
  17. Since we're going down the GOR we could possibly make this a "GOR ride" where we seperate at the end and the sa riders keep going and the rest go home??

    Might make the day even more fun :)
  18. Just tassels, eh?

    In that case, I might come for a laugh! :LOL: :p
  19. yeah absolutly! but we may go a modified route depending on the weather. and bear in mind we will most likely be leaving on a week day so probably not many people coming with us :(

    Im not sure if I want to see david just in tassels....
  20. I am currently tossing up about leaving on the friday or saturday instead.

    if we leave friday, might leave later and stay over night at port fairy, then take our time during the day and perhpas stay a few hours out of adelaide for the next night.

    otherwise, leave early saturday and stay at robe or hamilton over night.