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[Vic] Road toll accelerates as bikers die

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bonox, Jan 14, 2008.

  1. so says this alarmist article from the herald/age


    Victoria's road toll is now double what is was this time last year after a motorcycle crash in central Melbourne last night killed two people.

    Twelve people have died on the state's roads this year compared to six at the same time last year.

    Now this is on top of a thread saying "disaster trip to victoria - I can't blow through stop signs so noone should visit" and a whole pile of other stuff doing us no favours at all. So people have had a go at me in the past for presenting figures about how the majority of bike incidents are the fault of the rider - now we have things like a rider ends up in a roundabout! We'll be lucky to have licenses to lose if you don't own a registered bike in a few years I reckon!
  2. kinda the point i'm getting at - it's always someone else's fault isn't it! The powers that be don't actually appear to care whose fault it is (especially in Qld, as TonyE keeps bringing to light). Gotta start looking out for yourself and taking responsibility for your own safety if all of us want to keep in this bike riding lark!

    Right of way is something you only have if the other guy gives it to you. The pollies, the police, the mums, dads, brothers, sisters and friends don't see "fault". All they see is another dead body and a bike played a part in it.
  3. The article refers to the last accident in the road toll being motorcycle related, not that the road toll is "high" because of motorcycles.
  4. Thread is fine in my books.

    Just keep the "probablie's" out of the conversation. We are not here to speculate on the cause of the accident.
  5. Re: the bent pole, the Acting Sgt interviewed on national nine news last night himself stated that thats what happened. The bike appears to have hit the pole before the roundabout. He also stated that police "suspect" speed was involved.

    ( I pay some attention to these reports).
  6. I have riddin past that intersection many time at around the 40 kph mark (50 is the limit). Its completly safe.

    Therefore other factors must be present to generate an outcome as per the OP.
  7. Is this the roundabout up the top of Elizabeth street or thereabouts which has twenty million roads intersecting with it and tram lines running through it?
  8. Nope.

    The one in question is at the top of Queens Street and is at the southern end of the Queen Vic Market and is the intersection with Franklin St.

    I don't want to try to guess what happened as it would turn this into a rider down thread but it looks to have started prior to entering the roundabout heading north up Queen St. The roundabout is two lanes wide as are most of the roads in and out of it and constructed with bluestone blocks for kerbing as per 99% of the Melbourne CBD.