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[Vic] "Road to Gold" Choc Mill Ride - Sat. 12 Nov (learner friendly)

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Nightowl, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. Many here know Hawklord (Doug) through his tireless efforts at the Sat morning learners practice sessions he started several years ago, and from his participation in countless Netrider rides.

    Earlier this year Hawklord’s son, Chris, was selected to represent Australia in table-tennis at the Asia-Oceania Championships in December. Victory at this tournament will see Chris go on to compete at the Paralympics in London next year.

    The Asia-Oceania leg of this competition requires contestants to fund their own way to Hong Kong.

    To help Chris along this road a “Gold Coin” fundraiser ride will be held to one of our favourite destinations, The Choc Mill, on Saturday 12 November 2011.

    Cost: A “gold coin” donation on the day (before departure)
    (Please note: a $1 gold coin donation is the minimum being sought to participate in this ride, however if you can spare a little more of your loose change any further contribution would be greatly appreciated)

    Ride leader: Our other totally awesome and tireless crusader of the Sat learners practice sessions and Netrider ride leader/participant, GreyBM (David).

    Official Meet Point: Shell Westgate Service Station (INBOUND). This is the servo on your left as you head over the Westgate bridge towards the city, Todd Rd exit. Google map: http://g.co/maps/zkr7f

    - Meet at 9.30am.
    - Rider briefing at 9.40am.
    - Depart 10am sharp.

    Please make sure you give yourself enough time to fill up with petrol if you need it before 9.40am.

    Official End Point:

    The ride will officially end at the 7-Eleven, next to the Bacchus Marsh Caravan Park, Main St/Bacchus Marsh Rd, Bacchus Marsh. Google Map: http://g.co/maps/f64me

    Please note: This end point is approximately 50km (30 mins) from Melbourne. For those leading feeder rides in, if you have learners/new riders accompanying you it is encouraged you return them to your initial point of departure unless alternative arrangements are made. For learners/new riders meeting at the official start point, GreyBM will lead you back to this start point unless there is a feeder run that you can join that will return passing this point.

    Riders will be able to top up with petrol approx. 100kms into the ride, and at the 7-Eleven official end point.

    Ride Skill Level: 2-3. Please see here for description of skill level. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/

    Distance/Duration (est): Approx 250 kms from start to finish & approximately 7 hrs duration including all regroups, breaks, lunch stop etc.

    Details: The route will include a little of everything, some freeway riding, some twisty bits, sweepers and town riding. Breaks/regroups will be frequent and when necessary will include a quick briefing on what riders can expect to encounter on the next leg of the journey. Breaks will be timed from the arrival of TEC (Tail End Charlie).

    The corner marking system will be used and explained to you on the day.
    A minimum 2-3 second timed space is required between you and the bike in front.
    Ride in staggered file so you can see past the bike in front of you.
    The bike in front of you has the right of way, give them plenty of space if you want to overtake.
    There is to be no passing on corners.
    And most importantly, ride within your own comfort zone.

    This is a learner friendly ride. Learners/new riders please note: to ride with the group you should be able to ride at least to posted speed limits (100 on open roads) and be able to take corners at the posted advisory speeds on corners. If you can do that you should be fine. If you can't or if you are unsure as you have never done it, best to seek advice at Saturday practice.

    Feeder Runs:
    Organisers, Meet Points & Times for rides leading in to the official start point:

    - Inner SE - St Kilda area (Rusti_GotRage): Breakfast meet 8am for 9:15am Depart from Dr Jekyll’s, 107 Grey St, St Kilda. Google Map: http://g.co/maps/8p3zr
    - SE - Frankston area (Streetmaster): Meet 7:45am for 8am Depart from McDonalds, cnr Frankston-Dandenong & Ballarto Rd, North Frankston. Google Map: http://g.co/maps/2gxwb
    - East - Wantirna South/Ringwood area (Joedelosa): Meet 8am for 8:30am Depart from McDonalds Nunawading, 349-353 Whitehorse Rd, Nunawading VIC 3131 Google Map: http://g.co/maps/jrenk
    - North - Greensborough area (cjvfr): Meet 8:30am for 8:45am Depart from BP Service Station, 274 Diamond Creek Rd, Greensborough. Google Map: http://g.co/maps/b3cxj
    - West – Ardeer area (Kitt & ZX9A6): Meet 9am for 9:15 Depart from Mobil Service Centre INBOUND on Western Ring Road, Ardeer. Google Map (marked A): http://g.co/maps/gryxy

    For those who have expressed an interest in making a donation but are unable to attend the ride, you are able to contribute direct to Chris's Table Tennis fundraising account. Details are:
    BSB: 083-758
    Account No: 12-029-9860

    This post will be updated as further details are worked out.

    Huge, heart-felt thanks for all your offers of support, contributions, and assistance on this ride.
    We look forward to seeing you there


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  2. I'm in. It will be a pleasure to be involved for a good cause.

    Thanks B. (y)
  3. I'm already booked to do a Rider Course on this date but would be happy to make a donation
  4. Definitely, be there with bells on.
  5. I met Chris last saturday and he seems like a pretty good bloke, I wish the best of luck to him to make it to the paralympics. I'm a maybe for now but I'm pretty sure I should be able to make this ride.
  6. Awesome!

    I'm going to do what I can to come along and help a paralympian follow his dream in any small way...
    These guys deserve all the help they can get and I admire their guts in getting to that level...

    I follow these games as much as any olympic games after I went for a pedal with my sister's brother-in-law up a mountain and realised hey, there's something special in his time.
    We ended up going on few more rides with a club I'm with and we instantly saw this bloke has some big fish to fry!
    He then joined a racing club where they too saw the potential.
    Cut a long story short, he's become a world champ in two track cycling events, got a gold and bronze medals in the last paralymics and is again heading for London next year.
  7. If I pull up from the snowy ride the week before OK, I'll definately be on this.
    If I'm not I'll make a donation to a worthy cause.
  8. In for the donation for certain. Should be in for the ride, though may be catching you all up at lunchtime or something.
  9. I will not be able to make the ride but I would like to make a contribution :)
  10. Thats a big +1 from me as well I am sorry.
  11. And me too. Same course, so out of luck. I wanted to go on this ride tho, so bummer to miss it.

    A donation will definitely be forthcoming from me in any case.
  12. Gee I really wanted to do this ride but I have another commitment. However I will be happy to make a donation
  13. Hey nightowl,

    Can I suggest / request a bank account or pay pal account those cant make the ride can put in ?


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  14. Thanks Stu, There is a donation account already set up and I'll
    get the bsb etc from the lazy athlete and get Nightowl to put it in the op.

    Thankyou to all of you who have responded so kindly, it warms my heart to see so many of you willing to help.

    Thankyou again.
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  15. Anytime Doug. For what you do for us every Saturday, this is the least we can do in return.
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  16. Indeed.
  17. Thanks everyone! It’s really great to see your wonderful responses, truly appreciated.

    MelbourneMick, if that’s the course we were chatting about last weekend, then I’m sure you, GreyDog & Aussieak will have a great time and find it of benefit. I’ve only ever heard good reports about it and look forward to hearing afterwards how you all go.

    Stu_h, that’s an excellent idea! Thank you. I’ll wait to hear back from Hawklord and update the op for those who can’t attend but would still like to contribute.

    Again, many thanks everyone.

  18. Will try to get to this ...
    Miss 26 has her wedding dress fittings that morning ..
    And as mum of the bride i must be there :)

    So we might just meet you guys at the mill ...
    Donation is a given :)

    Good luck Chris in ur endevour to bring home the Gold !!!
  19. Wish I could come along. I'll have to remember to bring a donation and give it to Doug when I come to the learner session next.