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[Vic]Road Signs

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Grey Gentry, Oct 31, 2007.

  1. Can anyone here tell me why this sign has started to appear along, mainly north eastern, Victorian roads?
    Of course there are trees next to the road. Are they telling us so we don't look at them? or telling us so we do look at them..and be distracted?

    It seems to me that the powers that be will start needing signs that say "Grass next to road" or even "Signs next to road" soon :furious:


    And the position of this particular sign on the Euroa Gap is hardly optimum. It is placed after an Advisory Speed Sign, right at the corner, where it could distract you from looking through the corner,


    IMHO This signage has gone too far and is ridiculous.. :facepalm:
  2. Maybe a bad position to place the sign but there is some wisdom in their ways I believe.

    It makes it clear that branches or maybe even a tree has fallen on the road and maybe makes you take some caution. Its nearly as relevant id say as those signs that say "beware of falling rocks" when you are driving up those roads cut into cliffs.

    Although I have never seen that sign before and people should be able to understand the hazzards of having trees on the side of roads and recognise them. Although theres always one...

    Well thats my 2 cents anyway.
  3. My local council has taken to shaving any slight misalignment in the concrete footpaths to avoid the slightest of possible trip hazards. The footpath outside my place wasn't bad at all... still got shaved.

    Looks like the signs are part of the same proactive anti litigation disease...
  4. the answer is Asphalt. It's flexible :grin:
  5. Not trying to shoot you down, but maybe it's because I've learn to drive (and ride) in the country. To me it's bloody obvious that there are trees next to the road, and the leaf litter, and the rocks from cliffs. It's what I expect when I ride in the country. It's like putting a sign up in the the city saying "Building next to road".
  6. Yeah Rob.(disgrundling admitting).. your probably right. I think that this is one sign too many.

    Do you think I'd win if I sued for running into a post or power pole saying there wasn't a sign warning me? I don't. But there isn't any difference really.
  7. a more suitable sign for that particular bend would be
    "CAUTION: Loose Stones"
    there is clearly a stripping problem there :shock:
  8. Yeah I understand what you mean, and im not trying to say that there is good reason to put a sign there im just trying to think of some reason for it.
    What you just said is exactly what I said
  9. Does it have anything to do with "Trees over road" signs (which is obvious, to let truckies know clearance is not guaranteed)
  10. perhaps it is also a suggestion that animals could be coming out from behind the trees to go boo (they only do that if they are within 5m of the road :p)
  11. You mean like the "caution school zone ahead" about 100m before,

    you guessed it, a 40kmh school zone! :roll:
  12. Ya can't help yourself can you! :LOL: :LOL:
  13. I agree with the general point of the OP - we are becoming more and more of a nanny state.

    Another example is a court case in Perth that has just been ruled on. Guy on dirt bike riding in an designated "off road area" in sand dunes north of Perth. Guy flys over crest of dune and crashes into rocks etc. Fairly badly hurt. Guy sues council because there was not sufficient signage telling him it would be dangerous.

    Result of that case? The council has now closed the off road area.

    so although that ^^^ is slightly different kettle of fish it just goes to the rediculous nature our society has become.

    The real problem now is that because of the way society has gone, people now genuinely expect there to be warning signs for everything. Its a downward spiral for everyone.
  14. Another ridiculous over use of road signs
    Yep that's a total of six signs in each direction warning you that there's a railway crossing - and yet some f-wit still managed to get hit by a train and of course tried to blame the "lack of warning" :roll: :driver: :jerk:
  15. Yeah it's a bit sad... My cousins live up near Omeo, and some clown has gone along and put up three hundred and sixty-something little arrow signs telling you which way the corners go, all the way down into Bairnsdale on the Great Alpine Road.

    As he says, "if you can't work out which way to turn your bloody car, you shouldn't be on the road!"
  16. I found those signs useful when driving at night. not a lot of visibility especially when heavy fog set in.
  17. Loz, Are you talking about the "chevron type" of sign, that they use on (stupidly) roadabouts?

    If there is no is no Advisory Corner/Speed Sign, I can understand there use. However if there an Advisory sign then why bother?
  18. victoria certainly has many, many more signs than anywhere else that i have been. the problem is, that too much signage creates complacency, and people stop looking at the messages on the signs due to information overload.
    next step, is to introduce at traffic lights/intersections
    1) change to second gear
    2) change to third gear
  19. think they're stupid signs checks these out :LOL:


  20. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: hilarious