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[VIC] Road signage change Melton Gisbourne Rd/ Carbery Dve intersection

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by Bugz, Sep 4, 2010.

  1. For years the users of the Gisbon/Melton service road that crosses the East end of Carberry Drive have faced a give way sign; and due to the lack of traffic on the service rd, rightly so.

    Over the last week or so there has been a gradual and insidious change.
    First the broard white line marking that indicates "Give Way" on the service road was painted out, lulling users of the service rd into going through that intersection without care. Then days later the give way signs were removed from that site.... Everyone thought they had right of way for some time no matter what direction they were travelling. Yep..... Faaaark.
    Russian Roulette sponsored by the taxpayer.

    Days later again, give way signs were erected at the service Rd facing Carrberry Drive. Then later again The line marking was added.

    That is bad enough in its own right, but consider the people who have been driving through that intersection for decades; happily cruising through the intersection thinking they had right of way, for the days before the signs were installed.

    For those turning off the Gisbon/Melton Rd there is no warning even now that you must give way to the traffic on the Service Rd.


    Look out for this Hazardous Road Condition.

  2. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    state? map?
  3. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    Bugz is referring to the western, outer Melbourne districts.

    That is indeed very unsafe and crazy, for all the points you mentioned ! I hope some stability evolves in terms of consistent signage, but many thanks for posting this. Not having travelled much out that way, it now raises an awareness for the time I will, soon.

  4. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    hazardous reports thread titles are supposed to state the road/street & state so we know where it is.

    This would be either at the Melton or Gisbourne end of the road mentioned but as the poster hasn't told us that..............
  5. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    Signs indicating right-of-way are often changed to respond to changing road useage patterns; one was changed in our area a couple of years ago

    strangely there have been no accidents because people read the signs; nothing about traffic or road conditions should ever be assumed...

    This thread should be in [VIC] Politics; it has nothing to do with hazardous road conditions....
  6. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.


    As you can see, the service road is very close to the main rd. When you turn off the Gisbourne/Melton rd you are immediatly facing the give way sign for the service rd. The invisiblity of the sign until you are turning/ed off the Gisbourne Melton Rd is hazardous as you have less than 8 metres to react to it.

    The "median'' strip is heavily wooded especialy from the Southbound direction which magnifies the problem.

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  7. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    There has been no change in road use patterns for at the very least, 3 years (the amount of time I have been living here.) More to the point though, and this is one reason your post amuses me as much as it does is the thought that "changing road useage patterns" is a reason to create a hazard

    The people who live here; my neighbours, reckon it is a hazard also, and have even agreed to sign a partition to that effect!

    It is definately a hazard for more than just one reason!

    "nothing about traffic or road conditions should ever be assumed..."
    :rofl: You stop at every green light then Hornet and have a jolly good look both ways.

    Common sense is indeed uncommon
  8. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    your post demonstrates that point perfectly.....
  9. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    So does yours.

    I was on my push bike Friday about to cross an intersection when my light turned green. I'm not as young as I used to be and it takes a few seconds for me to get rolling; just as well too. One of your typical Victorian car drivers blasted through the very red light. If I was 23 years old I would have been in the intersection and piss bowled by a BA Falcon.
  10. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    Actually, IIRC, a lack of signs/markings would designate it an 'uncontrolled intersection' and therefore nobody has 'right of way' - the process of give way to the right would then apply.

    I have to agree with Hornet, nothing on the road should be assumed. People do run red lights, Bugz.
  11. You've damned your own case and the posting of this in 'hazardous'. If there has been no observable change in the traffic patterns on this intersection, then the changes to the give-way priorities are being driven by another consideration, and that consideration will be political.......
  12. It's hazardous in that the locals are used to a certain configuration of signage which now appears to have been changed for illogical reasons. I'd agree that that is hazardous.
  13. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    For that (the above) to hold water... in your own mind that is; you must stop and take a jolly good look both ways at every green light you come to.

    I have absolutely no doubt that that does not happen. You have the credibility of a three sided square.
  14. I had a visitor this evening. A netrider member in fact. He is one of the most skilled, experianced and responsible motorcyclists I know.

    I asked him what he thought of the give way sign at the intersection. Of course he did not see the give way sign.

    If you think that is not hazardous, you have got rocks in your head.

    If the signage change was politicaly motivated, it is also a criminal act of hideous and dangerous irresponsibility...... The fact still remains though, it is a hazard. Even a person with a double digit IQ should be able to understand that.
  15. Thanks for the support Rob.... I will be expecting the sun to rise in the west from now on :)

    It is especialy a hazard to those that are using the intersection for the first time. When turning off the Gisbourne/Melton Rd. you have 2 car lengths, if that, to see the sign and then to react to it. No doubt you have read my previous post; it is all to easy not to see the sign at all. And there are some on this site that are maintaining it is not a hazard. You Rob, I believe have seen the light; but truely, LUNATICS ARE IN CHARGE.
  16. :rofl:

    Hey Horney,

    What other change in traffic patterns are there apart from "observable"?

    Also, what political consideration would motivate changes to the give-way priorities" at this intersection?
  17. Rather than venting on here about a monir signage issue why not speak to VicRoads (Melton-Gisborne is a VicRoads Road) and the Melton Shire Council (Service Road is more than likely theirs) and see how you go.

    Also keep track of the number of collisions at the intersection and use that to get it changed back, unless of course the change causes a drop in collisions!!
  18. The local council must have a traffic engineer or town planner, a complaint to them seems in order.
  19. FYI all;

    It will most likely be VicRoads that has to deal with it. A local road in woodend that is very much "inside" woodend (high street) is apparently not the council's responsibility but VicRoads.

    Calling 13 11 71, press 4 on the first menu, then I forget the rest, but basically navigate your way through the options and you'll end up speaking to an operator eventually.

    You describe the road, say "it's an immediate threat to road users and property" and they have to respond within 4 days as I understand it. I reported a road last friday and if there isn't action by wednesday I am required to call them back with a reference number and to get an explanation.
  20. Re: BEWARE LUNATICS IN CHARGE of road signage.

    Now it's just getting picky. Consider the process of backing off the throttle a little bit, and taking a look at either side of the intersection as you approach it not sufficient? It means you are already more prepared in case something does happen rather than blindly powering through just because the light is green.

    I'm not speaking of pulling up, or jamming on the brakes at ever green light you come to, but there's nothing wrong with being cautious.

    (btw, a three-sided square would end up a triangle, which is structurally stronger than said square ;) )