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[VIC] Road rules and "Under Construction" roads?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dgat, Dec 30, 2007.

  1. I was motoring past the Eastlink freeway, which is still under construction here in melbourne today.

    Couldn't help but wonder, now that alot of the paving is done, what would be the legal position if one was to accidently find themself riding down the on-ramp, (having miraculously just avoided an accident with a merging Mack truck that didn't see you in the left lane!!) then having to ride along the new unfinished road to a safe and suitable exit point.

    Do normal road rules apply? ie U turns.. wrong way.... speed limits??? :roll:
    Does it qualify as a road under the road laws?
    Or is it more a trespass issue or other law?

    Not that I would condone such actions, nor participate in such myself. Merely an intelectual query! :p
  2. At a guess, unless it is deemed open and commisioned for use, it would still be a construction zone.
  3. Or perhaps come under "a road related area"?
  4. Not to lay it on too thick, old son, but posts in this forum are supposed to be prefixed with a state-specific note [Vic], for example.......
  5. Still a learner in more ways than one,
  6. Granted, but.............

    Does what we are actually talking about only apply to one state?

    The OP used EaStink as an example but it could be any road that is being constructed. I fail to see that the rules would differ much from state to state.
  7. Who knows, mate?

    Going by the article in this thread...


    ...what could be a TIN in one state may be crucifixion in another...
  8. it would be hard to offer a TIN, but there would be a criminal aspect to any charge applied (if the grunter wasnt understanding).
    the road user would have entered a construction zone, without permission. these zones are governed by cops, and workcover (or whatever it is in your state).
    tresspass, negligence, driving in a reserve not designated as a road reserve...to name a few.
    conversely, the contractor and/or goverment body overseeing construction would recieve an arse pounding for not providing an adequate barrier to ensure this couldnt happen.
    political nightmare....but it has happened with inconsistent outcomes.
  9. Re: [VIC] Road rules and "Under Construction" road

    I did just that this past w/end.. on purpose with camera in hand [​IMG]

    Curry muncher security turned up in ute within 15mins & told me get
    the f*ck off the freeway. He didn't even want me to take photos.
    They can only ask that you to move along.

    I want to go back to practice wheelies & get some decent pics :twisted:




    Landslides everywhere because of the recent rains. Hard to make out
    from the photo, but the emergency lanes is covered.

    Also wire cable dividers are in force again, so if you come off, make sure
    its no where near these otherwise kiss ya torso goodbye