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[VIC]Road Engineering -seminar on Motorcycle Safety

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by TonyE, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. I believe that this is part of the ongoing work funded from the levy.

    Monday 6 September 2010
    5pm to 6.30pm
    VicRoads Theatrette
    (Ground Floor, 60 Denmark St, Kew)

    A multi-media, interactive seminar designed to target all those involved in road design/construction and maintenance/ reinstatement.

    The seminar will: Raise awareness of the vulnerability of motorcyclists in terms of the road environment; Detail how road development/ construction and maintenance/ reinstatement works can be carried out in a way that improves safety for motorcyclists

    Please register by calling telephone NO 9854 2679 or by emailing
    motorcyclesafety@roads.vic.gov.au RSVP Monday 23 August 2010
    (There is no cost)

    http://www.ite.org.au/Documents/Sem...les/Making_Roads_ Motorcycle_Friendly_v1.pdf
  2. Re: [VIC]Road Engineering -seminar on Motorcycel Safety

    Does this mean that interested observers are allowed to come along do you think?
  3. You need to ring and book. All they can do is say no.
  4. Re: [VIC]Road Engineering -seminar on Motorcycel Safety

    Email sent... if I don't get a reply today I'll call them up tomorrow. :)
  5. Making Roads Motorcycle Friendly
    This project has involved the delivery of seminars aimed at improving awareness of the need to adopt motorcycle friendly engineering products, practices and maintenance procedures.

    The seminars were targeted at those working in local government and VicRoads, as well as road design and construction contractors, and utility providers (public transport, electricity, gas, water and telecommunications).

    About 200 people across Victoria attended one of the 12 seminars run to date.

    An evaluation is currently being conducted to determine how successful the program was and enable the identification of next steps.
  6. Here's one: Quit spilling shit all over the goddamned road and not cleaning it up.