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[Vic] Road Closure (still!) Halls Gap

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by arc, Apr 2, 2011.

  1. Halls Gap is a dead end :facepalm:

    There are no open roads through the Grampians.

  2. So, how do people from the far side get to Halls???
  3. There's still lots of closed roads in lots of places in country Vic. This is what happens when natural disasters affect areas with too few voters for the Government to give a f*&k.

    Besides, you can't expect them to fix those roads when they're so busy putting "rough surface" signs on every minor bump or pothole in Melbourne.
  4. Actually it's much more than just a few roads. Virtually the entire Grampians (except perhaps the northern tip) is off limits to hikers as well. I don't think the public realises just how much destruction there was there in January. Entire mountain sides just washed away.
  5. I guess they don't...

  6. I went up on the long weekend a few weeks ago, i a car that is and had lunch in Dunkeld, the royal mail to boot; awsome lunch but had no idea that the road across the top through to halls was closed so had to go the long way round. Wasnt nearly as enjoyable but you cant change the fact the road across the top doesnt exist at the moment, maybe even 12 months until its fixed
  7. We're off there next week for a family holiday. I know that big areas are still closed, but I'm expecting there is still enough open for family walks and cycling (kids are 5&7). Am I going to be disappointed?
  8. We are headed up at the end of april, anyone up that way know where to find details of what's open and what's not?
  9. Possibly, yes. As of this week the whole of Wonderland and the Zumsteins and McKenzie Falls areas are all off limits to vehicles and walkers (according to media reports). Halls Gap is okay. Mount Zero/ Northern Grampians is open too, and it's a great spot.
  10. Parks Victoria are usually the best people to talk to about what is/isn't open.
  11. This is the reason I gave up on 4x4, Parks Vic shut down practically every tack in Vic bar a small few which they put a dozer through.. There was a scary stat going around about Bunyip state park. something like 200 tracks originally are down to 3.. its now closed completely to be a "passive recreation" reserve. How do you get a fire truck in there now! They have to just let it burn I suppose..
  12. Anyone know if the roads have reopened?

    Grampians Road (know locally as Grampians Tourist Road) - Closed between Dunkeld and Silverband Road, Halls Gap.

    Northern Grampians Road (Mt Victory Road) - Closed between Halls Gap and Mt Difficult Road at the turnoff to Boroka lookout.

    Silverband Road - The section between Grampians Road and the Siverband Falls carpark is open. Closed beyond Silverband Falls car park to Northern Grampians Road (Mt Victory Road).

    Click Here
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  14. Thank you (bookmarked)! Wish they'd use hotlinks to google maps or similar, I know lots of roads but not by name :D

  15. A lot of Wilsons Prom was badly damaged a little while ago, I know they wont let anyone drive up to the Telco towers up on Mt Oberon without a 4x4 equipped with a good winch and full self recovery gear at the moment. Last time I drove up there my standard Commodore wagon did it easily.....