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[Vic] Riversdale Rd citybound near Through Rd

Discussion in 'Hazardous Road Condition Reports' started by LineNoise, Oct 14, 2010.

  1. Metal plates, seemingly untreated with anything even vaguely grippy and with a hell of a lip to them, have been put down across most of the left lane on the downhill approach to Through Rd including one right where you pretty much HAVE to be braking if you want to turn into it.

    No signs, pretty invisible in the dark and bloody dangerous in the wet.

  2. Just rode down here in the wet and guess what?

    They've bloody made it worse! ](*,)

    The plates on the lead up to the corner are gone (replaced with torn up to all shit tarmac) and they've added plates on the actual corner into Through Rd itself across the inside 3/4s of the width of the road.

    Bloody muppets.
  3. Not on the latest round but complained about the last lot to both Vicroads and the council.
  4. FWIW: The housing development adjacent to those roadworks is predicted to be completed towards the end of 2010. So, I hazard a guess that disruptions could continue until then.
  5. Yeah, they've moved them again tonight. The one in the braking zone is back but at least they've got them off the actual corner itself.