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[VIC] Riding in the domain tunnel closed lanes?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by lotus7, Apr 4, 2008.

  1. Didn't find anything in the forums - apologised if this has been discussed.
    I have noticed that a number of drivers + riders have been ignoring the "lane closed" in the craftylink tunnel each afternoon. One thing seeing how many bikes use the emergency lane, today was passed by three bikes in a column who all went straight down the closed lane in the tunnel.

    Is there no penalty for ignoring the "lane closed" or are the bikes hoping the cameras point the wrong way? Is there something else im missing here?

    Editted to add [VIC] to the title - didn't think anywhere else had a "domain" tunnel..

  2. You can be done for "fail to obey sign/signal/directions" which is 3 points
    (and over $200 I think). Given the number of cameras in there, I'm
    not risking it except where necessary to get to the exit ramp for
    Power street.
  3. How do you know there are camera's in there?
  4. At least once or twice a week I get stuck on the way home with the cutting down to 2 lanes.. I just lane split between the other 2..
  5. Hmm... similar lane splitting / using emergency lane threads appeared in general when I searched, apologies if this should have been "somewhere else" :wink:

    There are fixed speed cameras + observation cameras throughout both tunnels... go through at < 10km/h often enough and you too can become familiar with them. The speed cameras are allegedly the 'sensor in the road' type, a few folk have been known to speed up and down between them.

    Still curious if some story is doing the rounds as have been using the tunnel for some time with the inevitable daily "closed lane" for the westgate and never seen so many vehicles (especially bikes) ignoring the signs..
  6. Hmmm, I guess that guy doing high speed wheelies in there during the mystery ride was making a mistake.
  7. Yeah probably. The thing is covered with speed cameras and observation
    cameras. I think I remember triplet-wires across the floor of the tunnel
    to measure your speed also. I don't know how effective they are at detecting
    bikes because they have to survive lots of trucks travelling on them
    and bikes are much lighter. But I'm not going to go out there
    and test them the hard way :p

    Has anyone here got a speed fine from the burnley or domain tunnel
    while riding a motorcycle? If noone has, that probably just means that we
    all know there are cameras in there, if someone has then the cameras
    are definitely capable of booking motorbikes.

    Also there remains an open question on the cameras being
    capable of detecting and fining for being in the wrong lane.
  8. I have gone through them before at a pace slightly above the speed limit(I was only slightly flat out) and have not received a ticket as yet, but that was about 6 months ago. Unsure if they have changed the system.
    I think if its the magnetic sort of sensor in the road (The very same as used in the non changing traffic lights) then bikes wouldn't have a problem.
  9. I believe the speed cameras are (or at least were) forward facing thus bikes were previously getting off, however some of the traffic monitoring cameras face rearward. I would presume any pic they can take of non-speed based 'illegal' behaviour with these would be potentially usable - but noone seems to be getting pinged so maybe its not monitored.

    Still curious as to the recent change in behaviour in people using the 'lane closed' lane.
  10. My brother used to work for Citylink. He's seen them in the control room. I'll find out if they can issue fines from the images and post it up for you guys.
  11. I got done in the tunnel in the car by a speed camera, funny? thing was I was doing what the speed test camera on the Hume Fwy said was correct! Had no physical proof & couldn't afford to fight it!
  12. There are 10-11 cameras in the outbound tunnel. There are 2 speed cameras in one tunnel and 3 in the other... not sure which one has which though.
  13. Brush your hair before the photo, Johnny o.
  14. Gotta love shittystinks mentality.

    "It's busy so we'll close one lane, cause an absolute shit fight & congestions, JUST INCASE we need to get an ambo through there."

    What a fcuken joke shittystink is.
  15. I think you are a really angry guy Vic :LOL:
  16. 3 speed cameras in the Domain the first and last being rear facing the middle one forward facing.
    there are 4 in the Burnley 2 forward 2 rear facing.
    Look for the strips across the roadway and if you are careful you'll see the sneaky buggers.
  17. My guess is alot of research goes into closing these lanes. And if I were hurt, I damn well would want a lane free so the ambulance could get to me quicker.

    In a bad crash, time can be the difference between life and death.
  18. Ages ago, the word was that the centre lane cameras were all forward facing. Any idea if this is correct?

    Outbound tunnel has cameras near fireboxes D7, D20, D37 and D50... I can't remember the inbound ones - but they're all fairly close together.

    Folks, don't forget the camera about 500m BEFORE the inbound tunnel entrance... in the overhead signage...

    As for the OP question, I've often been tempted to duck into the sign controlled closed lane, but haven't :-w

    Vic, inbound at least, if they didn't close that lane down, the power street, kings way and montague street on ramps would be twice the disaster they already are at peak hour...
  19. Yep, been done there. 5k's over the limit. $100 & something fine and a point. F**king revenue raising. Now tell me that 85 in an 80 zone at 9pm on a 3 x lane carriageway with 2 x emergency lanes AND concrete barriers is dangerous :roll:
  20. I thought there was no cameras cos bikes are always overtaking me...

    Then we get to that stupid onramp section that was changed from 100kmh to 80, those idiots, someone is going to be killed be cause people who cant merge just stop.