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[VIC] riding in the cbd @ lunch = rider down

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by chopobo, Sep 16, 2011.

  1. Seeing as the weather was nice today, decided it would be nice to duck out for a quick ride to aldis on Franklin st to pick something up.

    usually I'm atgatt, but today I was dumb enough to go out without my leather jacket as the weather was sunny for once in melb and thought I would be quick and it would be at low cbd speeds. all I had on was my takamii Kevlar jeans, leather non armoured boots, button shirt, gauntlet gloves and of course helmet.

    so out I go, soaking up the vitamin d. rock up at aldis, didn't have what I wanted, so decided to ride back to the office.

    on the way back, I was going down William st, southbound. I was in the right lane following a black falcon doing 30-40km. take note william has 90 degree parking all down the middle of this road. as I pass Lonsdale intersection this falcon changed to the left lane. so he was in the left and I was in the right where the parked cars were.

    my spider sense was telling me logically he moved to the left lane to either turn left, park on the left side, or to let me go past. so I edge up closer till I am a car length behind him in the right lane intending to pass him.

    at this point, the black falcon decides to swerve full right across my lane into a park spot on my right. in doing so he only manages to get half his car in. my instant was to brake and based on the distance closing, it was hard.

    front and rear wheels locked up and I could feel the bike wiggle as the bike was struggling to hold line. no chance. I was thinking to myself at the time, wtf, no way! braaaaaake......

    bang, the front hits the rear right of the falcon. I can see the boot coming up real fast and below me as I'm torn off the clipons. up and over I land smack bang on my left ass cheek. naturally curled up into a fetal position rocking side to side from the pain in my lower back.

    instantly, lunchtime bystanders were around me asking if I was all right. all I could think of was the bike as it lay on its side, rear wheel still spinning in gear. managed to pull the helmet off, and felt I was still in danger lying on the road in the middle of lunch hour traffic.

    bystanders told me not to move as they dialed for the ambulance and police. funnily enough a tmu vehicle arrives first. followed again by instruction by the tmu officer to stay down. soon the paramedics arrived and I was put in the van with the paramedic running checks on me. quite a good bloke, as he commiserated with me about the incident.

    nothing broken was detected, and my vital signs seemed normal. just sc****d elbows and a really sore left glut. was pretty lucky the way I landed, seemed like most of it was just soft tissue damage.

    tmu reported the other driver was apologetic and at fault and was fined for reckless driving or not giving way. I can't remember. a police statement would be sent to me via mail.

    bike had a crack straight down the front of the fairing. windshield was snapped off. remember seeing a golfball size dent in the tank. driving headlight was smashed. instrument cluster looked out of place by a bit. left mirror snapped off at the base. right air intake popped out of its sockets.

    probably a write off. sigh. she's a yellow cbr600f4i that has just hit 51k km and only owned it for 7months. she was a damn good bike. could have done another 50k km.

    even more dreadful is having no motorcycle to ride on my commute. I've ridden 1.5 years commute 65kms everydayin wind, rain or shine.

    lessons learnt: atgatt!!! even for short rides.
    also no matter how experienced you are, it is all negated when a guy in a falcon doesn't see you. learn to use psychosis to read people's minds to predict action.

    seeing GP tomorrow morning to get assessed for an xray to ease the concern of family and friends.
    anyway apologies for writing the novel post. just dumping my experience in this thread.

    ride safe and stay frosty.
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  2. Glad that you are ok.
  3. sorry to hear about your off, glad you're ok even though bruised.. you'll be on another bike soon enough..
  4. Bro, that sucks ass.

    You seem to be good with it, you don't have the usual anger and resentment of people who have just been pretty much hit by a car, for that you should be congratulated.

    BTW, you should probably revise your use of the word "psychosis"... it's not something you really want to be using, but i suppose the right kind of psychosis could help you read minds...

    That could be the psychosis talking though.
  5. Mate sorry to hear that. Glad you're ok - that's the main thing.

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  6. 'SMIDSY' - poor bastard
  7. Sounds more like 'SMIJDBL' to me.
  8. Sorry to hear mate, although as ad91on said you are dealing with it rather well. If it was me I'd want the driver strung to a ceiling fan by his balls and then have it turned to full.

    Hopefully you heal up quick and either the bike gets fixed or you get a shiney new one :) Nothing worse then waiting for insurance while you're wishing you could ride believe me.

    As for the ATGATT side of it, I can relate well, was going to the shops about 2 months ago and decided it was a nice day and a short ride so didnt need full gear. That ended in sc****d up hands and a gash on my elbow.
  9. That is the lesson you learnt? That's it?

    All the gear in the world will not save your from a blindspot.
  10. A head check would :)
  11. Soz it had to happen mate.

    I'm glad there was witnesses and pressured / the driver felt pressured to admit he was at fault. I'd hate to believe he could've been a big wanker about it and report that you were following too close / tailgating.
  12. Glad to hear you're okay.

    I had the exact same thing happen to me on my pushbike in the CBD except I went over the front and managed to land on my feet. Bike was fine but his car had a massive dint in front end panel.

    He apologised, I was fine so just rode off leaving him with the bill to fix his own car.
  13. what's all this fkn blindspot talk? you people are in a daze!!
    TRUE blindspots on cars are very small. the problem lies within complacency and lack of desire to move that ****in melon-head
  14. Glad you're OK, chopobo, hopefully the x-rays don't reveal any fractures.

    Shame about the cbr600f4i, hopefully the insurance co will give you a decent payout, remember to claim any clothing/gear/accessories that were damaged.

    I'd be interested to hear what this drongo has been charged with, since turning in front of a motorcycle can result in permanent and/or fatal injuries. Please tell us when you get the statement in the mail. :)
  15. AFAIK it's treated no different to doing same to a car, eg failure to give way etc
  16. Yeah, that was my understanding, but chopobo mentioned reckless driving, it would be good if in the very least the drongo was charged with negligent driving.
  17. at the end of the day, nothing will change until those who damage riders are charged with more serious crimes which call for jail time
    neg. driving, failure to give way, all that stuff is just bullshit. they won't learn, adn no-one else will learn from anothers mistake
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  18. Damn straight.
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  19. Thanks the comment guys.

    This fool regardless shouldn't have been swerving from the outside lane to park in the middle.

    Even doing so, he couldn't get his car all the way in, leaving half his car out fully covering my lane. I had about maybe 1 car length to react.

    In a normal circumstance if he wanted to perform that manoeuvre, a normal person would check mirrors and head check since this is the cbd.

    OK other lesson learnt, maybe don't go taking leisurely rides in the CBD anymore. That place is just dangerous.

    I'll keep you guys updated on the police statement that is to come. Went to GP and had xrays done. Looks to be just soft tissue damage, was lucky i landed on my ass which took most of the damage.

    Helmet did a good job. I know my head made contact when I landed and all there is to show is scratches across the visor and the back. Definitely up for replacement.

    Funny note. The driver in the falcon had recent back surgery and was saying he had back pain when the paramedics checked him.
    LOL thats so bs. He was in a full shelled car.
    Was probably trying to get some sympathy points.

    This bike is insured with insuremyride. Does anyone have experience with lodging claims with this company. It seems all I could do was lodge an online form. No number to call.

    I'm hoping this gets settled real quickly. The other guy is insured with AAMI. Hopefully it is a write off. It just takes forever for bike repairers to fix bikes here.
  20. yeah bud i'm with imr too, you fill out that form then someone will call you monday to get your statement and arrange bike pickup etc

    as for surgery and sympathy, i'd be so bold as to suggest he was angling to nail you to the wall for hitting him