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[VIC]: Riding in Bike Lanes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Danielle, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. No - Never

  2. Yes - Whenever I can

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  3. Only if I'm feeling lucky

  4. If it looks quicker than splitting through the traffic

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  1. I am just wondering what the general view is on riding motorbikes in bike lanes?

    Personally, I would rather use a bike lane than try and squeeze between cars and their side mirrors on a narrow laned road, however the other day (morning peak hour on Nepean Hwy) I saw a cop-bike which seemed to have pulled over a scooter for riding in the bike lane. Its faster to use the bike lane however takes a lot of brain power to scan every car for a possible door opening and slamming you and your bike to the gravel.. Seems like there is a bit of a risk involved with the law.. .

    Please discussions only, no flames!!

  2. If the split is too risky I'll take the bike lane very slowly, or zip up the outside. Depends on the road.
  3. Yes

    Must admit I do use the lanes a bit and I really, really shouldn't. But it's sooo tempting, all that clear space. I've only done it on my way to work when I'm on a bit of a mission. It was also the way I've had my one very near, near miss so far.
    I was creeping up the lane to the red traffic light at an intersection. It was an old red, so the cars had all been stationary for some time. Of course, just as I came up on the left a car pulled out left into a business driveway. If we both hadn't swerved, me into the same driveway, her back into her space, it would have been an impact.

    But... I'm still doing it (just a bit slower).

    PS. Hope you've pulled up OK after the skiing.
  4. Never and i ride that way ever day
  5. Not proud of it but every single day I filter, split and use bike lanes. It's either that or allow 1.5 hours to work.
  6. Don't need to use them on my way to work, so I don't. Can filter easily enough.
  7. * Only if I'm feeling lucky
  8. your loving the generic "quote the question" reply, ay MG? :p
  9. I use bike lanes whenever I need to filter past slow moving or stationary traffic.

    As I see it - they are for "two wheeled vehicles" - as I ride a powered "two wheel vehicle" that shares the same footprint as a non powered two wheel vehicle - then I feel well within my rights...

    The point is - both PTW and Non-PTW fit in the lanes and neither interferes with the other. I quite often have polite conversations with my non-PTW bretheren......

    And tell me - when was the last time a motorcycle had an accident with a bicycle while the motorcycle was using a bike lane?
  10. :p :grin: Robin.

    I dont use em. Not when theres no traffic neither when its
    peak hour.

    Personally I feel safer splitting knowing no one can change
    lanes rather than use the bike lane where any car in the
    next lane can move across in front of you.
  11. I'll use them where I can eliminate myself from the congestion, but only past stationary cars. I generally only do no more than 20-30kph, which is about the same speed as a bike, and I give way to cyclists. I slow down to about walking speed past side streets just in case. No one is disadvantaged, and it's not unsafe (unless you want to start dreaming up TAC style ads with trucks pulling out from nowhere). Just making good use of a piece of road that is often under utilized.

    I've often heard that we shouldn't use bike lanes because the poor vulnerable cyclists need protection. Well, that's kind of a hollow point considering how many cyclists are cleaned up by cars coming out of side streets - that's the real danger, not motorcycles (or indeed bicycles) travelling in the same direction at the same speed are really just obese bicycles, and are much more visible and less dangerous than the majority of hazards bikes face (again, unless you put your TAC advertising exec brain into overdrive and dream up some bizzare accident).
  12. In the eyes of the law (and remember, justice is blind :wink: ) the bicycle lane is for the exclusive use of bicycles, or any PTW under 200watts output.
    The rationale for this is the safety of bicyclists (apparently).
    The reality for me nowadays is that it's not worth the risk of getting pinged by the plod or enmeshed in a fracas with some lycraboy, so they can have it to themselves.
    The object of the exercise is to get to point B as efficiently as possible, after all.[/b]
  13. Thanks for the replies, keep them coming.. or at least place your vote :p

    One reason I use bike lanes is that they are big and spacious and its faster than trying to split in gaps that are often too small if a stupid 4wd or truck gets in the way..

    In the mornings.. I see a guy on a harley and many a hot sportsbike rider splitting up to the red light, and I beat them every time from the bike lane, I feel like such a noob cheat.. so I'm trying to quit the habit.

    It'd be nice to be confident splitting but I'm scared of taking out a mirror!
  14. I think that the more that you do lane splitting the more confident you get at it.If I have a choice between riding in the bicycle lane or going between the cars while they are stationary,I ride through between the cars.While I ride through between the cars I always try to keep my speed below 40kmh,at that speed I can stop quickly without an incident if I have to.But saying this if there was not enough space between the cars and I can ride along the bicycle lane for a short distance to get in front at the lights then i think thats ok as long as there are no bicycles travelling along it at that time. :)
  15. It gets easier once you take out the first one :)
  16. I choose to filter rather than use the bike lane for a few reasons.

    1. Riding a motorcycle in the bike lane is illegal and carries a fine I'd rather not have to pay. There is no law against filtering in Victoria.

    2. People in parked cars have a habit of flinging doors open without looking for oncoming bicycles/motorcycles before doing so. If a bicycle takes off their door it's the driver's own fault. However, if a motorcycle hits the door, it's the motorcycle's fault because they had no legal right to be riding there.

    3. Cars in the left lane can turn or pull over into a park without indicating at any moment and rarely bother to check for motorcycles that shouldn't be there.

    4. If a car does hit you, it will be deemed your fault regardless of their failure to indicate because you shouldn't have been there. I've spent 10 years of good riding/driving for my rating 1 and I'd rather keep it.

    Sometimes a car can get in the way when filtering and hold us up but the main point is to avoid being rear ended so stuck in traffic is still safer than the back of the line. Regardless, with practice you get better at judging gaps and knowing where you can fit. You also get better at ducking around cars that block off the gap you're using by swinging behind them into the next gap. It might be slower than the bike lane at first but it will get easier. :)
  17. How does this relate in legality to riding in the "parking lane" of a part-time clearway in the innner city. (4 lain main roads, with outer lanes for parallel parking) Can they do you for passing on the left, or because it is a second, seperate lane are you in the clear?

    ANd bicycle boxes, at the head of the queue?
  18. If it's marked as a lane then it's fine. Just because some cars are parked on the side of the road doesn't mean you can't use the lane, even if most cars don't fit (do use caution though as it has obvious dangers and my right knee can tell you all about it). :grin:

    If it's marked as car parks then it's not a lane (I'm talking about line markings on the road). :)

    Bike boxes..... They're not for us but I use them. :)
  19. If they open the door on you in the bike lane then of course you were actually just looking for a spot to squeeze through to park on the footpath. :wink:

    I'll happily use a bicycle lane if necessary , keep it to bicycle speeds and give way to them and there's no conflict at all - only once has a cyclist complained, usually I just get a polite nod. The one who complained was a loony anyway (he was talking to himself and abusing pedestrians as well).
  20. It isn't hurting anyone, I do it, though I prefer to split just incase plod is watching.