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VIC - Riding in bike lanes [Post in wrong forum again and thread will be DELETED]

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by BeardOWar, Aug 30, 2012.

  1. So ah... Not really a near miss in the strictest sense, but on my ride into work this morning I got turned around in Docklands and wound up taking Collins St into the city. The Collins/Spencer intersection was backed up all along Southern Cross so I indicated into the bike lane and trundled along at 20kph hoping to get to the front. About 50m back from the lights was a marked cop car which I didn't notice until it was too late to subtly duck back into traffic. Needless to say I shat myself but tried to keep a poker face and filled in behind a massive flatbed that was keeping me from getting all the way to the front. Amazingly nothing happened, no lights, no siren, no horn, nothing.

    Now, on the topic of riding in the bike lane, I know it's incredibly illegal, but how unsafe is it? I try to avoid it for the legality reason but the temptation overcomes me if it's going to make the difference between 3+ cycles of lights. If I'm staying under 20kph, maintaining distances between myself and cyclists, and getting back into the traffic if I can't proceed through a too-narrow gap so as not to inconvenience the narrower push bikes, I don't see this as any more dangerous (except to my bank balance) than standard filtering. I'll happily knock it off if I'm creating a dangerous situation though.
  2. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    No significant injuries in Vic due to a motorcycles in a bike lane as far as I've been able to find. Not to say it couldn't happen but mostly it's a political correctness issue not a safety one.

    Popo will definitely sting you if they are on a mission.
  3. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    I used to ride in bicycle lanes in the ACT all the time, never got pinged though i know its against the law, its not something i would so if i saw a copper around or felt like there could be one near by.

    Done it in sydney a few times too, but again, no cops around.

    Also, i am talking about cycle lanes, not off street cycle paths, but that would be fun!

    **** it, we should be allowed to ride in them if we do sub 15kph kinda speeds.
  4. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    It's legal in NSW - unless its a Bus ONLY Lane
  5. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

  6. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    I ride in the cycle lane. If there is a bicycle ahead, I just stay behind them a bit further back. If there is a bicycle behind me while I am stuck behind a cyclist, I sometimes wave them through because I wouldn't want exhaust fumes directly in my face when bicycling.

    To make it seem more legit. I air cycle to pretend I am cycling...does that count?
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    In Vic, I'm positive you're allowed to drive/ride in the bicycle lane for no more than 100m.

    Correct me if i'm wrong.
  8. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    I thought I read that motorcycles are not permitted in bicycle lanes!!
    I have seen a few that arent certain and use the Flemington rd [city bound] in the morning, thnk its a harley actually, but not sayin lol
    If pushies are ahead or behind they should be given priority
  9. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    i thought motorbike's were allowed to use bus lanes in nsw?
  10. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    Oh wow, thought for sure I was gonna get my head ripped off for that one.

    Had a little poke around the road rules here http://www.ntc.gov.au/filemedia/Reports/ARRFeb12.pdf and it looks like upto 50m is okay so long as you've got a reason, but I don't think the coppers would agree with "because I didn't get a bike to wait behind cagers" is a good one.

    Also found this interesting little bit:

    A bicycle lane is a marked lane, or the part of a marked
    (a) beginning at a bicycle lane sign applying to the lane;
    (b) ending at the nearest of the following:
    (i) an end bicycle lane sign applying to the lane;
    (ii) an intersection (unless the lane is at the unbroken
    side of the continuing road at a T–intersection or
    continued across the intersection by broken
    (iii) if the road ends at a dead end — the end of the

    Now, fellow Melburnians are probably familiar with peak hour congestion on St Kilda Rd and the bike lanes run along either side. There's a bit right before the Yarra where the lanes separated by a median merge. A few times I've rode in the bike path up to the merge where I'm usually able to keep filtering between cages. I just had a look on Street View, and I don't see a bicycle lane sign anywhere after the intersection. My interpretation leads me to believe that the bike lane painted on the road here is something of a "suggestion only" rather than a legally protected bike lane. Also, as a marked lane, that seems to conveniently avoid any "passing on the left" infractions. I must be missing something because this seems to good to be true.

    Here's the bit I'm talking about: http://goo.gl/maps/csE30
  11. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    Why would a bike lane be marked "BUS ONLY LANE".
  12. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    Myke made a mistake. I think he misread Bike for Bus.

    In NSW...

    It is not allowed to ride in BIKE lanes.

    It is allowed to ride in BUS lanes.

    It is not allowed to ride in BUS ONLY lanes.

    Fun Ha!
  13. The only thing I can think of, not knowing the state or the lane is crossing a solid white line.
  14. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    The only issues involved with this are the cyclists that kick up a stink about us registered and insured people using road space designated to their unregistered uninsured douchecycles. And apparently as cyclists are able to scream louder that is why there are laws involved with bike lanes. **** all to do with safety.
  15. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    Unfortunately you need to apply this from page 6:

  16. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    big assumption that bicycles are not insured. maybe you should pull your head out of wherever it is before making dumb statements. anyone who has house and contents insurance has automatic 3rd party insurance on their bicycle.

    as for registration, it pays for insurance and administration not infrastructure. rates, taxes duties etc pays for the roads. do you complain about the all those pathways that are built for pedestrians that go unused a lot of the time?
  17. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    Victorian Road Rule Division 6, 153: Bicycle lanes. An interesting anomaly as we (Riders of motorcycles) are not referenced in the exemptions, which only apply to Drivers!

    Rule 16,

    Rule 17

    So all the exemptions for entering a bicycle lane (50 metres allowed when parking, turning, etc) are only for drivers! But BeardOWar has hit on a specific error, which is that according to 153 (4)

    So if there is no sign like this (which are the only approved sign listed in 153 and in Schedule 3):

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    then it is not a legal bicycle lane, even if there are painted bicycles on the road. Looking at the St Kilda Road 'lanes', many of the intersections do not have any bicycle lane markings after the intersection, and none have any signage that meets the legislated one above. An image of a bike painted on the road, sure, but it fails to replicate the approved sign with 'Lane' added.
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  18. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    Thanks Heli, I was just looking through Road Safety Act 1986 and Road Safety (Traffic Management) Regulations 2009 but realising I have NFI what I'm doing.

    One thing I did notice, in all the legalese it kept saying "or reasonable likeness" which I guess stops us from finding tiny differences to invalidate the signs :( I couldn't find anything that explicitly stated whether road markings count as signs or not, but in the Australian Road Rules at least, it goes on to list every possible road sign and I didn't see any road markings included in those lists. I'd infer from that that signs and road markings are considered distinct but again, not explicitly stated, just my interpretation.

    DJ666 hit the nail on the head though, when I leave the car lane to filter along the bike lane, I'm crossing an unbroken white line. However I'm already playing funnny buggers with this one when I'm filtering near the front of lights, I've pretty much accepted that I'm taking my chances constantly with this one. Alternately, I think I'd have a reasonable case if I got in the bike lane where the line is broken and stayed in there. Does anyone know what the penalty is for crossing a single unbroken line off the top of their heads?
  19. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

  20. Re: Riding in bike lanes - brush with the law

    Ignore my stuff about Rider/Driver: I missed 19, which says