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Vic' riders, what does your licence say?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by removed-6, May 9, 2006.

  1. When I got my 'L's I rec'd in the mail a plastic learner rider permit and a new licence with the type 'R' on it as well as 'car'. Is this what your full licence has on it for 'rider'? It doesn't show any restrictions. I could go to Peter Stevens and test ride a brand new R1 or anything with this licence coz they couldn't check if it has restrictions or not could they. Wow, that really allows for me to be very naughty if I wanted to doesn't it :twisted:

  2. the r is for restrictions, then on the back it has the type of restriction and date for your restrictions..
  3. Did you have a look on the back under Conditions?

    * posted at the same time

    The R should have a date next to it, when you get your opens you'll have an R with no date next to it.
  4. According to Vic roads website the 'R' is for rider. My licence has
    licence type- R & CAR
    conditions- nothing, vacant, nada, zip...........

    do I have a full rider licence?
  5. so nothing on the back at the top.. ??
  6. ...mine too has a 'R' on the front of the licence but nothing listed on the back.
  7. mine says "conditions" on the back but nothing after it or no listing of any specitic conditions at all
  8. Nope! :grin: :shock:

    What does your full licence say?
  9. Same thing happened when I got my P's.
    But they fixed it up.
  10. What did they do?
  11. my license has the conditions for the bike on the back.
  12. Well i am on full now, but my licence still has the restriction dates on it which have obviously passed.. Very interesting that, i would check it out more thoroughly if i were you..
  13. I was in VicRoads at the time, they turfed it and made another one with the restrictions on it.
  14. I would hazard a guess that regardless of what is on the card you have in your wallet the VicRoads computer would have the correct information.

    So yes, you could possibly go into any bike shop you like and take any bike for a spin, but if you get pulled over by your friendly neighbourhood plod who decides to do a check you may be in a spot of bother.

    This can and does happen - In South Australia I held a class RT license, that's what I was tested for and that's what my printed license said. Unfortunately when I moved to QLD and transferred the license, I could only be given a class HR, because that's what the computer said I had. I never fought it because I wasn't going to be driving big rigs any more.

    FWIW - Class RT = Road Train, HR = Heavy Rigid (16 axles as opposed to 3)
  15. From what I understand a "LEARNERS PERMIT" will have a category "R" which as someone else posted is for Rider. There is no restriction date on the front as it is a condition (restrictions) of a learner permit. If it is a LICENCE then it should have an "R" for rider and yes followed by the date that restrictions would end (which is midnight of that date btw). If they did not put a date on there, then it sounds like someone stuffed up. From what I have been told by the people that process the paperwork from your tester, the 12 month date automatically is applied by the systems Vic Roads use. They have to disable it in special circumstances such as transfering categories from interstate licences, or if held certain overseas licences etc then the restrictions do not apply. If they have stuffed up then it becomes messy. That is to say that yes you could say that you dont have restrictions applying to you as your licence does not state that. However, it is a question on the learner written test with regards to the fact that you should be restricted. If you were to say have a stack or get the attention of authorities for some reason they may uncover things and unfortunately "no one told me" doesnt work in the eyes of the law.

  16. Sounds like you got lucky :grin: Mine has the restrictions of 260cc + no pillion on the back and the expiry date next to "R" on the front ... that doesn't necessarily mean I abide by it though :p

  17. Looking closer I now see that they have ripped me off by 6yrs on the expiry date too :evil: My original car licence expired in 2013 and the new one expires 12mths after I got my rider 'L's, in 2007!
  18. But it's only a $150 fine and no loss of any points, anyway. :wink:
  19. Yeah, they certainly make it tempting don't they.
  20. i have had my full license for a while, in the meantime i renewed my license and also got a new card. The front has R and the back has nothing

    i think R means you have full license