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[Vic]Riders wanted for Photo Shoot - get paid if you qualify

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jdkarmch, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. If you think you may qualify contact Daniella
    03 9510 1188 - they are still looking for people.

  2. I gather riders not on cruisers with full faced helmets need not apply...
  3. Well i just called up and got an audition today

    FYI i'm 22, 6ft 2 and 125kgs, and have 3 tats :)

    She said they are looking for young blokes aged 20 - 30 ish, the rougher looking the better....
  4. Re: [Vic]Riders wanted for Photo Shoot - get paid if you qua


    TV ugly, ugly-ugly or fugly?
  5. More stereotyping?

    Can't easily find the antiquated stereotype, so put the call out to the wider population in the hope that we can find a few people who do fit the antiquated stereotype?
  6. I'd love the $500, but unfortunately my head is waaay too smooth nowadays... :)
  7. Seems like it, at least from where we're standing.
  8. Just a guess, but given it's the Ambos who are advertising, mightn't the message be something like 'we serve everyone, even rough-headed biker types'? ;)
  9. ...but if you're too pretty you're SOL ;)
  10. Damn, to pretty.
  11. For once something that me being to lazy to shave more then once a month might actually help with and it's in another state....
  12. I've got an interview as well. Age 34, kinda scruffy looking when I want to be aka un shaven, and sportng a few tatts.

    It's just a casting interview but they're really looking for younger guys, give em a call.
  13. Show up, do the filming, get 500 bucks.

    Then find out 6 weeks later it's for an ad warning riding causes erectile dysfunction or something :LOL:.
  14. Oh you prick.... lol
  15. :LOL: jd

    hmmm thinking they aren't looking for chicks either :cool:
  16. One man stood out from the crowd. The man with the roughest head in all of Christendom. A head so rough it can only be directly viewed in 20 year old glamour photos that were taken with vaseline on the lens and soft focus:
  17. he is THE STIG
  18. That was a bloody weird phone call.

    Q: Do you have tatts?
    A: No

    Q: Do people find you intimidating
    A: Uh... sometimes?

    Q: Can you come in tomorrow arvo?
    A: Sure.
  19. Your pretty close there mate. They are tryin to encourage membership... i had mine today and it went well :) I looked reallly scary... lol
  20. i think I saw you when I was coming out...i was wearing a black t-shirt and you had parked your bike beside my red zx6r :p

    couple of quick questions then for a stern look....hmmm ...fingerz crossed aye? :)