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VIC Vic Riders Getting A Slap In The Face?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by markwearspants, Nov 18, 2012.

  1. So i'm sure most know, VIC government wants to make some changes. from my understanding they include:

    front number plates for bikes
    compulsory high vis
    a few others.

    so... How pathetic is that.... I was told by all the oldies that front number plates were removed in the 70s because they severed the arteries of pedestrians if there was in the most minor collision. If they are worried about tollways just flip the bloody cameras around?

    now the compulsory high vis... This simply just puts the blame on the rider for not making him/her seen, when in 99% of the cases that I have seen, it's the bloody driver that doesn't even look. Some bird merged into me the other day with her window right down, I was right next to her! We could be dressed in tinsel from head to toe and you're still going to get the dumb a*** on the phone, having a cigarette and a coffee merging right into you.

    These changes seriously want to make me reconsider commuting on my bike. pathetic.

  2. Mark, I agree with your sentiments, but from where did you hear/read that there was compulsory high viz and FNP's???

    Just on the FNP front, apart from the pedestrian issue, one of the other dangers of the old vertical plate on the front gaurd was that its connection would fatigue due to vibration and break off. It'd fly either back into the rider injuring them, or into the engine damaging the bike. The other thing is that it wasn't until the plate was fully removed that designers were free to optimise the front end aerodynamically increasing bike stability at higher speeds - making bikes safer.

    Plenty of good fundamental reasons to resist FNP's right there. Fancy a government or police force pushing for FNP's when FNP's can increase the danger to the rider... the irony is that the ignorant are calling for FNP's in the false believe that they will improve road safety for the rider...
  3. there is a search function that is pretty good now on this site, may I suggest the OP make use of it before posting nonsense?
  4. Yes he can use search, I'd like him to answer the question though. Thread reopened.
  5. :confused:

    Link please.

  6. I found out through a guy on youtube called ariderslife. he has videos of the protest ride in melbourne city against it

  7. aaaaannd this is why we closed the thread and asked u to use search ;)

    Been done to death mate.

    Short version is that there have been whispers about it. A complete spastic called Damien Cockgobbler (close enough) decided to protest it to promote his own riders representative (cough) party. It was an abject failure and has probably done more harm than good.

    I'll find the links for you.
  8. Thanks Mark.

    Are you convinced for the time being that there is no legislation on the boards at the moment to bring these things in?

    I wanted you to answer the questions just incase you had intel no one else had.

    Feel free to contribute to the other thread/s. The fellow mods aren't interested in seeing a rehash but you can revive the existing threads.