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[VIC] Riders Booked for Lanesplitting - Eastern Freeway

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Hipster Doofus, May 28, 2007.

  1. Just came across this breaking news at the MRAA site.

    Seems Mr Plod is having fun booking riders.

    From the site.
    "It appears that riders commuting to work are being targeted by Vic Police for lanesplitting/filtering on the Eastern Freeway.

    MRAA has been contacted by a number of riders who have been pulled up and booked by Motorcycle Police and booked for allegedly breaching the law.

    One female rider when pulled up was told by the Police Officer concerned that, "My SGT has told me to target riders (or words to that effect)."

    The MRAA is concerned that the Police are taking an aggressive stance in their interpretation of the law - in the face of a proven "lack of evidence" to prove that the practice is in fact dangerous.

    The MRAA would like to hear from any rider who has been booked."
  2. ouch. must be careful out there..
    btw, what's the purpose of having a bike if i'm not able to do line splitting so i can't arrive faster ? :p
  3. The MRAA need to coordinate about 40-40 people willing to take it to court-en masse.
    They should all get a good lawyer and all chip in. The Govt / Vicpol would back down really quickly I suspect, if that many people took them on. It would clog the courts for a week, and take a few motorcycle coppers off the road for a while while they all attended court.
    And ( I suspect) a few cases would be thrown out setting a few precedents too.... :cool:
  4. ..

    Everyone would remember when all the bikers decided not to lane split awhile ago...i cant remember exact details but the traffic congestion was terrible with all the bikes taking up the spaces and being just more traffic.
    Blew out times on the freeways to 2hours + and really showed what traffic could be like without bikes lane splitting.....
    Maybe they are looking at getting everyone to do this again to make a point...
  5. The MRAV gets on the bandwagon about this whenever it comes-up.

    On one hand they say a rider doing excessive speed on the 4 lane fwy deserves to be charged, despite everyone including the MRAV saying that speed in itself doesn't kill.

    Then on the other hand they say the police are wrong for ticketing traffic offences and targetting a specific offence (which we all know they do all the time .. seatbelts, mobile phone usage, etc) ... oh, and by the way they have no real information on the validity of all these traffic offences so can anyone affected please contact them so they can verify if we really are being badly vilified.

    Ahh, the hypocrisy and contradiction.
  6. If the riders were actually stopped and booked for riding against what the law says is permissible then what is the problem?

    Mr Judge will say, "so you broke the law but seeing as you are a rider, it's ok for you to break the law, right?"

    We don't like it but it's law. We don't like the current greed limits but they too are law.

    It's been proven that speed alone is not dangerous, should we all run around speeding everywhere?

    I just don't know what they are thinking sometimes :roll:
  7. Does anyone know if the riders are getting booked for lane splitting or filtering? Big difference there. Overtaking cars (in right hand side of lane or not) whilst moving is a hell of a lot more dangerous than when they are stationary in my view.
  8. One of the people involved is a barrister... I believe she's taking it further :LOL:

    They were low speed filtering (less than 40k) through stalled traffic. At least one was definitely not breaking the law - he's indicated, moved over and overtook to the right of traffic and within the lane. He is also following it up with legal action.
  9. Was splitting on the Eastern this morning under the Hoddle St bridge and saw a marked TMU car with two coppers standing next to it in the emergency lane, they saw me lane split before I noticed them and I stopped imediately as I went passed, but they didnt flinch a muscle. They literally could have stepped out onto the road and told me to pull over as the traffic was stopped, but nothing.
  10. They are there to nab the Express Lane cheats
  11. Hoons, bloody Hoons the lot of 'em!

    Lucky the riders didn't have their bikes confiscated, they'd have had no one to complain to!

    :LOL: :p

    Hey vic, I nearly didn't recognise you!
  12. Did some more checking - as my translation of Vic's avatar was a bit literal. :?

    This is the badge of a member of the Olympiakos soccer team’s supporters’ club. The Olympiakos team, founded in 1925, is the current leader in the Greek FA and this stamp identifies whoever as a paid-up member of the harbour suburb of Pireus supporters group.

    For “Sports Lovers†substitute “Fan club†or “Supporters Club†and don’t read “Olympiakos†as an adjective as I did. :roll:

    And all this time you've been masquerading as a Rugby league fan Vic...
    :p :p :LOL:

    edit: definite brain fade - I meant to post a new post not edit my old one about Vic... :oops: :oops:
  13. Did your old mate Tony M send it to you Vic... :grin: :p
  14. Yeah, he shipped it over through Mokbel International Shipping :LOL:
  15. Not Grace?
    Could you PM me, I'd be interested in contacting her.
  16. hahahahaha, malakas.
  17. Nope - not Grace, I don't know her(the one that was pulled over) at all. I've only seen the initial emails from her.

    I think if someone pulled over Grace in a bad mood he'd be a brave man. :LOL:
  18. That was the guy in the Thai accident thread. :LOL:

    Obviously we need some multi-lingual filter software to filter out all this kopros... :p :LOL:
  20. Can we have some RBT's before people are allowed to post here :p :LOL: :LOL:

    (either that or some sort of Traralgon-specific sanity test (sorry Martin :p :p :roll: )