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[VIC ] Rider knocked down by Police car

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by mainstage, Jun 7, 2013.

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    From 3AW website via twitter

    Hope riders is ok and looking forward to a full transparent investigation .

    Cop car knocks motorcyclist from her bike
    Posted by: Matt Cram | 7 June, 2013 - 3:57 PM

    An unmarked police car has knocked a motorcyclist from her bike on EastLink at Ringwood.

    Police confirmed the incident after a Word On The Street tip-off to Tom Elliott from one of the first people at the scene.

    The incident happened out-bound near the Maroondah Highway about 2.25pm.

    The woman has been taken to hospital with serious injuries.

    Victoria Police say the officer driving the car was a senior constable from the Eastern Region. He was not hurt.

    "The collision will be investigated and Professional Standards Command have been notified as a matter of course," a police statement said.


  2. She was travelling at precisely 68km/h and thereby negates her right to use the road.

    The Police officer will be given a medal for bravery.
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  3. Were cupcakes involved?
  4. just posted the link too'' have a listen to the caller who witnessed the accident

    ''he was in the middle lane ( vicpol) she was in the left hand lane .he changerd lanes and hit her ''
  5. Arse holes. They must believe the TAC hype.
  6. They'll claim SMIDSY...
  7. It was because the bike had no front number plate, for sure...

    Will they charge her for damaging a police car ?
  8. Will the cop say:
    a. She was travelling at excessive speed
    b. She was in my blind spot
    c. She had new tyres and the bike was too well maintained
  9. I can't find any other news articles apart from 3AW. Is that normal?
  10. If it wasn't a cop it probably wouldn't be in the media at all.... Worst case the cop gets a fine + demerits.
  11. It was Victoria. He was out of bullets
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  12. I hope they show this cop the same discretion they show the rest of us and throw the book at him.
  13. Also search maroondah highway.
    Victoria Police not VicPol
    'Rider injured' etc
  14. Quick to jump on vicpol when they make a mistake hey. The bloke that hit the poor lady probably feels absolutely terrible. I don't know the circumstances, could of been a judgement error who knows.

    The thing that annoys me is everyone feels hard done by by the police, yet they're doing their jobs and if your in trouble and need help, who would you call?

    I hope the lady is ok:)
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  15. Ghostbusters!
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  16. Damn you!! I was going to say that!

    Hope the rider is okay.
  17. perhaps if they 'did their jobs' with a bit more feeling and discretion instead of acting like power hungry Nazis we might feel a little more sympathy when one of them makes a mistake.
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  18. Their job is to enforce the law. So they do. They have a damn hard job to do and get so little credit for it - quite the opposite in many cases (see above).

    And yes, some of them screw up too, which is likely what just happened today. They're just blokes and chicks like you and I doing an often shitty job.
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