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[VIC] Ridecraft Seminars, June 8th, July 6th and August 10th 2012, limited seating.

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by robsalvv, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. Some of you might know that I was recently accredited as a Motorcycling Australia On-road Ridecraft coach, at the Bronze level. More will appear about this in the vendors section soon.

    To help promote Ride©raft and safer riding, MA are looking to run three seminars. I've included below, Rob Smith's invite to the seminars. Rob is MA's Rider's division manager and amongst other things a Gold Standard Ride©raft Coach.

    Record your interest in the thread and to Rob Smith.


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    I am definately keen.
  3. I am also interested in learning more.

    Time? Location? Cost?

  4. Love to get to one.
  5. Thanks for the interest fellers.

    I believe it will be free. :) And held at Motorcycling Australia, Montague street, South Melbourne. I suspect I'll be presenting a segment at a couple of the seminars... leave the rotten tomatoes at home please.

    By the way, there's a static motorcycle display worth having a look at on the ground floor... it will be worth turning up a little earlier to have a look.
  6. Thanks Rob. Email sent
  7. Thanks Rob.
    I too have sent an email...
  8. Email sent.

    Thanks Rob.
  9. very keen :)
  10. Can you try NOT to ride thru a lake on the way there THIS time Aus-ESP?

    Still LOLing..
  11. I am interested
  12. Um, what??!
  13. Sorry Rob..

    When the Deakin Uni SMIDSY seminar was on, I met Aus-ESP and a noob in the carpark at Monash Uni for the trip to Deakin. As you probably remember, the weather was shocking, so I was caging, but the other two were on bikes. I said I'd drive behind them to keep the cages off.

    Anyway, pootling along, and I see this HUGE puddle in the RH lane we were driving/riding in. I changed lanes to the centre and gave them room to move over in front of me.

    They didn't move...

    Aus later said he didn't see it..hmm..
  14. Interested in this also. Email sent.

  15. hahaha, GD, you pass! Go straight to Silver. lol

    Edit: To be fair though, that was a truly shocking night weather wise, I definitely would have appreciated a windscreen with defrost mode and wipers. It was a helluva ride home I can tell you...
  16. Email sent.
  17. c'mon it wasn't that bad..I didn't even notice if my feet got wet :p