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[VIC] Ride, tour & lunch to protect whales, dolphins &am

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 7, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Melissa

    Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Charity ride & Ship tour
    Sunday 29 October 2006
    10:00am meet at Bunnings Vermont South

    This charity ride is one of a kind! Includes a ride, tour & on board lunch.

    Sea Shepherd are a voluntary organisation worki...

    ... more

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  2. Bugger, pink ribbon ride is also on this date and we have already committed to that.
    Would have loved to go on this one but maybe next time.
  3. Sounds like an interesting day out - pity I'll miss it (work) but would be interested to hear how it went :)
  4. And not only is it the same day!!

    BUT leaving from the same PLACE!!!!!! :shock:
  5. And they leave at the same time :shock:
    Melissa, you may want to check the calendar before posting a ride that leaves from the same place at the same time as one already posted ;)
  6. Sunday 29th

    Take it easy people... sorry I just realised it clashed. I asked a mod if the day was ok initially and got the go ahead. Now I've just seen it's on the same day.

    It's being moved to Sunday 29th.

    Vic is moving it on the calendar for me too, so I hope you can all come! :grin:
  7. Im in :grin:
  8. Great!

    As the places are limited, it's first in first served. I'll put you down as #1 Eswen.

    Can the people who are coming please post their name on this thread and I'll compile a list to reserve places.

  9. This sounds ike a truly worthy cause. I should be in, but it is a long way away yet.
  10. Great. Well it looks like it will be a good turnout.

    I'm just letting you all know that I've only found out now that due to the way I've advertised this ride, I'll need public liability insurance and permits etc which will cost thousands, so it's been deleted from the Calendar until I re-word it so that it's just a meeting of a few netrider friends to ride to the docklands. Then Sea Shepherd will provide lunch and we'll meet casually at the Beach Club cafe for another friendly ride...

    In essence everything will be the same, it just won't be an organised charity ride, but a meeting of netrider friends to ride to the ship at the docklands.

    Please PM me if you're interested in coming.

    Updated details to come soon...
  11. Re: [VIC] Ride, tour & lunch to protect whales, dolphins

    Not in the calendar when I looked just now! I'll be on the pink ribbon ride that day! Got to get the Yam pinkified by then though!
  12. Let me know when it's all organised Mel, I'm a definate whatever date.
  13. Re: [VIC] Ride, tour & lunch to protect whales, dolphins

    A few posts back it said the new date is the week after, Sunday 29th Oct. :)
  14. This sounds like great day out, count me in for the 29th :)
    I'll more than likely have another 3 or 4 heads with me too :)
    I'll check with them and confirm this wekend.
  15. Count me in plz and I may bring some-one else will confirm after the weekend.
    I will just meet you guys there as I am in the wild wild west.
  16. Good stuff, I'll wait till people confirm before putting them on the list, which is filling up reasonably quickly.

    Nobby, I took it for granted you're coming. :wink: You'd be in BIG trouble if you were a no show! lol

    Will have an updated version of the ride details hopefully tonight.
  17. Ok just made a phone call stick me down + 1 :) .
  18. Im in as well
  19. Snakegal you will find most rides/events organised either by a charity or a club requires public liability insurance. I am the vice president of a car club and just about 99% of the events we hold will have a social permit/public liability insurance coverage. It would be insanity not to.

    God forbid something happened on one of these events/rides the organiser and the club would get their a$$'s sued off and they would most likely LOSE their/their parents house and all assets during letigations.

    Do not mean to put a dampner on the event, but this is the harsh reality of it.
  20. Yeah, so I since found out (luckily). :wink:

    I'm going to make appropriate changes so that I'm not liable, so it's more going to be me getting a group of friends together to ride there. Not an event as such. I can't risk being liable for everyone.

    You haven't put a dampner on it at all, it will still go ahead, just will be a more casual event.