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[VIC] Ride to Yea, Sat May 13th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Tiga, May 11, 2006.

  1. [VIC] Ride to Yea Sat 13 May

    This is a version my semi-regular Saturday morning ride and very similar to one posted by Seany a couple of weeks ago.

    Route: Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, Paton Hill, St Andrews, Kinglake, Kinglake West, Flowerdale, Yea (lunch and refuel here) then Break O'Day, Glenburn, Yarra Glen (via Melba Hwy), Kangaroo Ground and back to Warrandyte

    Meet at Warrandyte in the carpark directly opposite the Grand Hotel approx. 500m towards the city from Kangaroo Ground Rd round about. Melways ref 23, E11. There are some photos in this link https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=19068

    Meet: 10:00am
    Depart: 10:30am
    Distance: approx 200km

    This will not be a fast ride and the emphasis will be on riding at your own pace. Learners are welcome but should be aware that the section from St Andrews to Kinglake is very narrow and twisty and there is big drop off along most of it. This section is probably not suitable for real beginners. I love this bit of road but always treat it with a great deal of respect - no being a hero here.

    This ride will have a Ride Leader, Tail End Charlie and there will be corner marking. Experienced riders please let me know if you would like any of these roles.

    The ride will go ahead unless it is really, really wet but depending on who turns out and state of the roads the St Andrews King lake section can be avoided.

    Dear Mods: Due to being a bit of a technological nuff nuff, I think I’ve stuffed up the whole calendar thingy. I started out this morning with a calendar entry and a post but when I tried to edit the calendar entry I ended up with a post and no calendar entry and then there was a calendar entry and no post, so I started over. You should have essentialy the same calendar entry that you originally approved waiting to be approved again. Feel free to delete or merge this thread with forumbots if that thread is generated. If you haven’t received a new calendar entry from me please let me know and I’ll re-submit it. I’ve put this post up now anyway because I’m not going to have internet access tonight and I’d like to give people decent notice of the ride.
  2. :( Bugger... dad's b'day... sounds like it will be a nice strop.

    Have a great ride AG!

    Weather prediction 15 degrees and mainly fine. Rug up folks!


  3. i'll see if i can make it along to my first netrider cruise :)
  4. If I can wingle the weekend off from work, coz I think they are changing my weekends, I will be there.
  5. count me in (will stick to light beer tonight :cry: ) Have not been up that way much :grin:
  6. Added to Calendar by: ApriliaGirl

    This is a version my semi-regular Saturday morning ride and very similar to one posted by Seany a couple of weeks ago.

    Route: Warrandyte, Kangaroo Ground, Paton Hill, St Andrews, Kinglake, Kinglake West, Flowerdale, Yea (lunch and refuel here) th...

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  7. Sounds good I might come along and I,ll be a corner marker if you want :wink:
  8. Cool...

    Well the weather forecast is hanging in there with Saturday being the better ride day and the cafe in Yea always does good food so I'm looking forward to this :grin:
  9. Cool... just found this thread... I'll probably come along tomorrow and bring a couple of mates that are yet to do any group rides :)

    I went to Seany's ride to Yea the other week and had a great time and some amazing views when looking in the mirrors and seeing 30 odd bikes behind me winding around the twisties :grin:

    Would be great to get another big turnout... I can also help out with Corner marking if needed??
  10. Is the ride still a goer bit of fog around but no rain :)
  11. Had a few problems but I should be there by 10.30 :roll:
  12. Things have gone a bit pear shaped here so I will have to catch you peoples on the next one :(
  13. you guys are probably on the road now, have fun and take it easy on wet sections. i have to skip this one, bike is having her pampering today (scheduled maintenance service) somewhere in ferntree gully :) .
  14. Thanks to everyone for a great day!
  15. How many showed up??

    I kinda slept in... :oops: by the time I got to Warrandyte it was about 12ish and no bikes in site :(

    Hope the ride was a good one :)
  16. ermmm...I waited in Kinglake from 11.20 to 12.40, and did'nt see anyone...how did I miss you buggers!? :shock:

    But no worries at all...I headed back home and got toastie by the heater. :p

    I'll catch you all on the next ride. :)
  17. how many bikes were on this ride :?:
  18. Thanks to the hardy few who turned out for on Saturday. By the time we left the group consisted of Roughcactus, Cadbury, Cejay, Spasmo and myself.

    The ride was a little on the chilly side but heaps of fun, particularly the ever so sensible final leg into Yea :p Lunch was great as was the conversation. Can't wait until the next one :grin:

    jdm, sorry we missed you. Hope to see you on a ride soon.
  19. Mmmm, not exactly sure what you mean???!! 98kmh is very sensible I think....