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[VIC] Ride to Yarra Junction, Fri Jun 30th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Zazen

    Im not leading a ride. Im going on a ride with some friends ... if you want to come at your own risk you are most welcome

    09:30 ~ 10:00 Yallambie McDonalds
    10:00 ~ 11:00 RIDE to Healesville via Warrandyte and Yarra Glen (a. 50 Km)
    11:30 ~ 11:30 C...

    ... more

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  2. Was about to arrange a ride on that exact date. But now that there is one already arranged, i'd like to come.
  3. OOps wrong destination ...

    My first attempt to add to calendar - :(

    This ride is going to get to Yarra Junction some time, but it's going to Drouin first! Please read calendar for details.

    natta; look foward to meeting you, seems like we are neighbors. I live in Rosanna too !

    Zazen :)
  4. Hi guys..lm in Rosanna as well

    I was just thinking..OMG! theres a ride organised in my area and l have to work till lunch time..dam!...if it had of been saturday..l would have been in for sure

    Hope we can catch up for a ride soon. :)
  5. [edit] maybe not ...... We can change the time....

    Hi Julie,

    we can change the time to say 12:30 or 13:00 and not go so far. It's more fun to have you along than not to have you along! I can go to drouin any day (till uni goes back).

    Let me know what you want to do,


    EDIT: Just read the other post - if we want to meet triway we can go to bulla and meet and then go up to heathcote bakery :roll: for coffee and back.

    I'll log in tomorrow and see who's got an opinion.


    [second edit] I never heard from the rider out west and several others are comming so probably can't move the time.

    Until next time,
  6. Tim l will do my best to get away from work earlier, but will let you know before friday ok
  7. hey guys, what are you doing planning a day ride on the 30th. Dont you know that it is the RED NOSE gathering at Fed Square that day so why dont you all who are thinking about going on this ride actually do a good deed and get your butt to this event and support a great cause.
  8. Or you could donate some money and go on the ride as planned.
  9. yer but they are having a gathering and photos and footage is going to be taken, so the more people there the better it will look
  10. :roll:
    Like I said in that thread .. is it better for SIDS if buy a red nose or give a donation in support, or put on a show for the benefit of the media like performing seals?
  11. Awsome some Rosanna riders!!
    Well i dont mind what time the ride starts.
    Any we can still go to the SIDS meet after the ride.

  12. Ride still on ...

    The ride still stands as posted. Though it may move (time wise) if R1 lover can come at lunch time – check the thread on Thursday night!

    This thread is about a ride ...please keep any political discussion off it. If you want to do something for the health of the greater community, including post natal babies, then lobby all your government officials to approve and fund stem cell research, but don’t use this thread.


  13. I might be interested, but i may stop off at drouin and visit a good friend (my dirt bike which is at my best friends place). some nice sweeping roads heading towards poweltown from noojee.. but also need to be careful as roads might be icey.
  14. Hi people Im up for that if its ok. I will check the link on Thursday night

  15. Its not till 5ish so plenty of time to do both.

  16. Thanks for the heads up Paul.R1 It's possible other riders will head off from Drouin too, and take the highway back to Mel. for the red nose thing.
    ZX9rB3 look forward to seeing you.
    [r1_lover]]don't know if we can move it now too many going!

  17. Count me in, if you don't mind another lowly 250 tagging along :p, havent been on a rideout in a couple of months, mainly solo work (Besides, I haven't had a chance to put faces to names yet)
  18. Come along

    Come on in instant, the water's fine. The 250'll do just great... when I was a young'un like you, 250 was the biggest darn bike money could buy! Nothing wrong with 'em
  19. ps.

    Post Script: instant, where do you think you'll meet us?

    Yallambie; Woori Yallock; somewhere else?

    PM me for my phone number if you want,