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[VIC] Ride to Walhalla, Sat Dec 2nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: firefling

    Right! It's been ages since I went on a long ride. Also I'd get my bike back from serviced then :) So I'm going to Walhalla via Emerald, Woori Yallock, Yarra Junction, Noojee. If anybody wants to tag along, come to the meet point. This is a ride at yo...

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  2. Cool, I think this is a great ride Minna.

    I sould be there :grin:
  3. should make for a respectable day of riding.

    i look forward to meeting everyone at the start point.
    (depending on weather and unforeseen commitments)

    if struck with a mysterious bout of laziness that morning,
    are there any objections to tagging along from Emerald :?:
  4. Gippy guys are probably riding on this day before the Gippy Xmas BBQ at Crusingals.

    What about we organise to hook up some where (may be Walhalla) to say Hi.
  5. Hey Minna... \:D/ ...Do You mind if a Baby Bandit came along??? I promise not 2b 2 much trouble... O:)...I know it will take me a lot longer 2 get there :wink: But You can order lunch...it will be ready by the time i arrive... \:D/...lol...3rd Dec my B.day...It would be Prrrfect!!! :moped: hehe
  6. Hey Bek, by all means come along!!
    Very cool, I'll have somebody who'll be slower than me \:D/

    Woodsy that'll be cool.

    Carver, pm sent.

    Rightio Tiga, will be good to go on a ride with you again. Been too long :twisted:
  7. Looks like I am going to be a goer for this one.
    Looking forward to an other full day on the bike.

    [EDIT]Looks like the weather is going to be a little feral for teh Saturday, nd I have been informed that I have a christmass do to go to the night before. so Chances are i wount be making it now [​IMG][/EDIT]
  8. :-k think I'll tag along on this ride if the weather's good?! I'll wait and see what the forecast is closer to the weekend...
  9. Sounds interesting.
    Whats the route? Got a map?
  10. map would be good, but the basics of the route is in the calendar at the top of this page...

    From calendar: "going to Walhalla via Emerald, Woori Yallock, Yarra Junction, Noojee."
  11. Hmm, should I do Gippsland twice in two weeks or not :-k . Guess it'll depend on whether I can drag myself out of bed early enough Saturday morning.
  12. This ride is about exploring the roads, your ability and the exhiliration of going not knowing where. This isn't about spoon feeding everybody with maps and times and where to lunch and all that. This is the internet, google is your friend. Besides, I'm too lazy to work out a map.

    In matter of fact, weather looks like shyte. Hopefully the weather will be ok inland.
  13. Despite my initial enthusiasm I'm looking a bit marginal for this one :?

    My shower is leaking and I've got Oggies to install (YAY!) so I think Saturday is looking like a home handywoman day for me :wink:

    Have a great time everyone
  14. Damn. Just realised the night before is my work xmas party.
    Probably wont be able to count my feet at that stage, let alone ride :grin:
  15. Looks like no Broadford for me so i'll be tagging alone ya'll
  16. Hmm, this ride will be delayed to Sunday. Looks like family has plans for me :roll:
  17. Haha, whoopss. :grin:
  18. ... new thread title: "[VIC] Ride to Walhalla, Sun Dec 3rd" ?

    ... plans for you? If its your birthday, happy birthday, otherwise just happy :LOL:

    ... might be up for it come Sunday ...
  19. No, not my birthday, just plans then the guilt trip that they freed up some time for me :?
  20. Since the rides been changed to Sunday I'll probably come along on this one, looking forward to a good days riding and meeting a few more fellow netriders,