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[VIC] Ride to the GP - A Tribute to Barry Sheene, Thu Sep 14

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Australian Grand Prix Corporation

    Join your mates on this fantastic free ride from Bairnsdale to Phillip Island on the Thursday of the MotoGP weekend, and remember the man who was, and always will be, a legend.

    If you want to be part of the Ride to the GP - including a fantastic con...

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  2. I am so there - was absolutely brillant last year :grin:
  3. if you don't mind doing well below the speed limit for the whole ride. good luck......lol
  4. Actually I didn't - gave me time to oogle all the other bikes :) plus wave at the kiddies as we went thro the numerous towns
    A couple of laps around the track wasnt bad either & then there was the trip home (via the long way) at warp speed just to blow out the cobwebs :wink:
  5. I've been on the three rides so far and never experienced this , a couple of places they slow down and a few they let rip , same as any big ride
  6. heh heh, just make sure you don't drink too much at the Netrider Dinner the night before :grin:
  7. Was there last year and nothing will stop us going there again this year..... the reaction from the people on the roadside is a massive high, looking ahead or in ya mirrors and not being able to see the end of the bikes, awesome.

    plus you get to get on the track, OK not able to go fast, but you can say will all honesty that you have been round the island on your bike.

    Tip: Ride down on the Wednesday and do the RSL on Wednesday night. It's a good night out, and all money raised goes to a bloody good cause.
  8. hmm, Netrider Dinner obviously needs better marketing; sack the present team, I say :LOL:
  9. What's a netrider dinner :wink:

    I'm going to try and get the 14-18th September off work so I can go down to the Island on 14th and not have to ride back til the 18th... should be a good ride and a great weekend at the track :grin:
  10. I have been to all the Sheene rides so far, do not want to miss one. Will have to see the boss and get the time to do it.
  11. https://netrider.net.au/calendar/
  12. You doing your normal ride down on the Thursday morning Scumbag, or coming down on the Wednesday to do the RSL?

    The Auctions are good, last year auctions were all related in some way to speed, MotoGP gear, the V8 drivers were auctioning laps of the Island and Sandown, even Keiran Perkins tried to auction a few laps with him but didn't get many takers. :roll:
  13. Yep, will do the blast down on the morning, Cannot get all that much time off so it will be down and back again. Wonder if I will have my excited pillion again this year.
  14. :shock: :p :grin:
  15. Do you have times worked out as yet as I have the time off work and am planning to ride down on the morning of the 14th would love the company, need something in my mirrors! lol!

  16. If last year is anything to go by I left at about 0545 and got home after 8pm.
    This included stopping for coffee and a muffing at the Golden Arches in Traralgon.
    I will be adding something to the ride calender shortly when I get it fully sorted.
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  17. Cool - is it thurs 14th Sept? - week before cornering school ........
  18. Certainly is 14 Sep, check the calender it is in there now.

    Going to following me or will I have to chase you.:):):):)
  19. Doh :oops: is at the top of the page .......
    if I have a snooze on the way due to a late night previously like last yr - probably best not to be at the controls ...... :roll:
  20. Just let me know if you want to Pillion, I will look after you once again. :):)