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[VIC] Ride to the Barry Sheene Ride, Thu Sep 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Aug 3, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Scumbag

    Ride to Bairnsdale for the Barry Sheene Memorial ride.
    Meeting point: Mobil service station cnr Springvale and FTG Roads.
    melways 71 B9.
    Time: Meeting at 0530 - 0540
    departure 0545.
    Route: Freeway to Bairnsdale.
    Coffee at Traralgon.

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  2. Thought i would give this a bump, is this still on? Anyone heading up on the Wed nite?
  3. Yep it is still on, details remain the same for this run.

  4. Usually try and go Wed night this year its an early Thursday morn again ;)
  5. Who's going up on the Wed nite and where is everyone staying?
  6. I'm going up on the Weds night, leaving after work. Staying in Sale and making my way from there Thurs morning. Wanna come with? I can't offer accomodation though, I'm staying with my parents and it's full up as it is.
  7. wouldnt mind meeting yas in T'gon, what time do yous think youd be there?
  8. Thanks for the offer, i will keep this in mind. Undecided if i am going up on the Wed or getting up at that un-godly hour on the Thurs morn. Is everyone just crusing back after the lap at PI? (Scumbag??)
  9. Scumbag - cruising ........ I have my doubts :p :grin:
  10. Whats that suppose to mean? :?
  11. For riders coming down from the north for this event, you're probably aware of the news that the police will probably enforce a no-riding ban on the Alpine Roads, supposedly due to snow. Well, on today's local ABC news, local councils have approached Vicroads and asked it to amend its directive so that conditions on the day can be considered, instead of a blanket and possibly needless ban on bikes travelling over these roads.

    The news report didn't say what Vicroads' response was. So, it might pay to call local police if you wish to travel this way. They might be allowed to let bikes through. The Elders weather forecast for the Hotham region indicates fine weather leading up to next Thursday.

  12. :eek:hno: :eek:hno: :eek:hno:
  13. I will be riding according to the conditions and the amount of police presence. If it is nice and fine I will work my way back through Cockatoo and Emerald to my place in Ringwood. If the weather is inclement it will be a freeway run.
    I have no idea what BB is talking about and have blocked my ears to further suggestions,
    she was giggling a little funny when we got into Sassafras the last time though. Must have been ok.

  14. Nothing untoward - I was Scumbags pillion on last years run & had a FANTASTIC time :grin:
  15. Hmmm, maybe we need Tshirts.....
    the Scumbag pillion girls club :wink:

    3 more sleeps ...wooo hooo
  16. Brian,
    We'll see you at Traralgon Maccas. We'll be leaving Narre at 0530hrs and will be a little in front of you
  17. Only a little in front, hmmm will have to go quicker to catch up then won't I.
  18. Riding with a twofiddy, so you should catch us before Traralgon
  19. I promise not to buzz you guys
  20. Would you guys be interested in meeting at Moe Macca's instead and heading to Stratford via the back roads with us? Would give you a break from the monotony of the freeway.

    We are leaving Moe Motorcycles at 6.45am.