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[Vic] Ride to Reefton/Black, 17 Sept

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Ride Alot, Sep 16, 2006.

  1. Hi All,

    For everyone not watching the GP and wanting to go for a ride I was planning a trip from Greensborough to Kinglake (Coffee) then Flowerdale, Strath Creek, Seymour (Coffee), Highlands, Yea, Alexandra (via Molesworth), Eildon (Coffee), Taggerty, Marysville (via Buxton)(Coffee), Reefton Spur or Black Spur (can be decided at Marysville) to Healesville. Should be fairly quiet on the roads and the weather is looking ideal. The scenery is sensational and having a 2 fiddy the pace will be fairly comfortable.

    The Safeway/Caltex servo north of where the ring road ends just past the first large roundabout and where the Netriders met previously would be the ideal meeting point, say 9:00am for a 9:30 depature.

    This is an unofficial ride and hope to see some fellow Netriders.
  2. Yep i will come along. I need to wear in my new leather pants and boots for my ride day at phillip island next weekend.

    See you there around 9 mate.
  3. Hmmm, that's four coffees, SRA. Shouldn't you change your nick to Sir Drink Alot??? :LOL:

    Should be fun, as long as there are plenty of men's rooms scattered along the route; we did the Black Spur and Kinglake yesterday arvo and the roads were perfect.....
  4. look out for me on black r1. To sunny to stay indoors!
  5. Well, welcome Mad Hatter. Is Alice coming along pillion?? :grin:
  6. I'm in, been hanging to get out on the new bird....see you all there!
  7. Are you people insane?? The GP is on!!! :)
  8. I have the hard drive recorder hooked up to the digital so i wont miss a thing.

    I would rather be out riding than couped up inside watching tv, especially with how the weather has been lately.
  9. All right im comin. But i'll probably depart at kinglake and head back towards healesville. By that time you will all be sick of waiting for me to catch up anyway.

    Catch you all there.
  10. Mate, I might be on an 1100, but im always happy for learners and 250 riders to get out and enjoy the day, and have no issues either waiting for them or sitting behind them and being tail gunner.
  11. I would have loved to come, but I only just saw this. :(
    Oh well, next time.
    A little bit more notice would have been good.
  12. Oh man, what a great day, from home to home was 475km and all of it fun.
    We started off in Greenborough and headed to St Andrews and up to Kinglake via Kinglake-St Andrews Road. Very twisty and I numptied it like a 1 day old learner....

    Then a nice scoot down to Kinglake west, up to Flowerdale, across to Strath Creek and on to Seymour. Here we stopped for a coffee and some minor bike mods, Skurfer seemed to find the ability to activate the rear brakes a bonus :grin: Although, a portable welder might of been a bonus to reattach his fuel tank....those Italian bikes sure like keeping you on your toes mate.

    From Seymour we headed across to Yea, through Thornton and along Back Eildon Road for a bite to eat, a chat and a laugh.

    We then scooted along the Goulburn Valley highway and down to Buxton, across to Marysville, through the Reefton Spur and down in to Warburton, where it promptly rained.

    Having a bunch of 250s put me in my place when it came to riding the twisty stuff was rather enlightening, I think I need to get the new bike out to the tighter stuff and learn this new fangled Dual Link braking system, kept feeling like it wanted to stand up mid corner as I'm so used to trailing my rear brake.

    All in all it was a really really good day, and I thank Sir Rides Alot for organising it. It was great to meet the guys and hopefully we do it again.

    Ben aka Warden
  13. Warden summed it up to a tee although a little harsh on himself. That beast of his and hatter's R1 were goin like bats outa hell. 100kmh all the way. mikek's 2 fiddy and Skurfer's 125 were slaying that bitumen dragon as well.

    A big thanks to warden, the mad hatter, Skurfer, mikek and belair.

    And Jonny Come Lately, yes we were insane for one day. Instead of watching it. We were it. lol

    Alice who? I don't get it.
  14. Also wish to add a note of caution. Midway along the Reefton Spur there is a trail of gravel that runs for a few kilometres. It is fairly slippery in the wet or dry and runs down the middle of the lane towards Reefton. Not sure going the other way up towards Camberville.
  15. Mad Hatter was one of the characters in Alice in Wonderland; http://www.sabian.org/alice.htm
  16. Wow what a day.. Thanks to everyone who came, I had a ball :) Good work organising a great ride SRA, hopefully we'll get out and do it again sometime soon.
  17. Echo all the comments. great day, and great company. Nursing some sore legs and knees today though. Tried to get up to do the reefton ride today and the legs would not let me out of bed.

    Great roads, great weather and great people...what more can you need. Well maybe a reliable bike, but it did get me home. The ride day gremlins strike the aprilia again.

    See you all at the next one.
  18. Hey Sir RideAlot
    Sorry I didn't make it last weekend. Called to work at short notice. Hope to be on your nrxt ride

    Gongboy :)
  19. whats the black spur like, as am heading up there straight after work today
  20. I rode the Black spur twice last week.
    all was good, nothing to report other than have a blast and remember ya sunnies :cool: