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[VIC] Ride to Portsea, Sun 12th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' started by funky_monkey, Feb 8, 2006.

  1. Destination: Flinders/Arthurs Seat/Portsea

    Date: Sunday 12th Feb 06

    Meeting point: 10am Mc Donalds Hampton Park (Sth Gippsland Hwy)

    Level of experience: any

    Hello all :grin:

    Sundays weather is looking good once again and thought we might take an easy day out to Portsea Hotel for lunch.

    Heading out at 10am Mc Donalds Hampton Park (Sth Gippsland Hwy) we'll head towards Frankston and hop onto Moorooduc Hwy then hook onto Frankston-Flinders Rd to take us through Hastings then Flinders. From there we'll take off to Arthurs Seat for a view via Mornington-Flinders Rd and say "wow... isn't that nice" :p After a short break we'll take Purves Rd... chuck a right hander down Browns Rd which will take us into Rosebud and left onto Nepean Hwy to Portsea for lunch.

    Our return trip will see us following Nepean Hwy and toddling off at Dromana up the Esplanade to Mornington maybe for coffee or an iced coffee or maybe even a milk shake... we'll see! From Mornington we'll take Nepean Hwy and end our day at the Frankston pier.

    A leader(most probably me) and a tail ender will be decided in the morning at Mc Donalds Hampton Park.

    Please remember to corner mark :wink:

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  2. Sounds like you're throwing together all my after-work rides. ;)

    Sure you'll have fun! I can recommend the Flinders bit... quite a lot of fun, but don't go too hard or you might come unstuck! It's got about 5 times as many accidents in that area for motorcycles than any other area on the Peninsula. :p

    Keep it slow on the Nepean... coppers everywhere... and the Mt Martha Rd is great fun, but watch the odd sandy corner!
  3. And the noob bathers and locals who will pull out into any sized gap along there.

    Watch around Rye Rosebud and Safety beach for parked cameras. The road in or out of Flinders will have a cop with a radar gun, not much else to do down there for them :)
  4. Im in for this one, ill meet up with everyone when they come through Frankston, perhaps meeting at the Mobil servo opposite the dead centre of Frankston(cemetery) at start of Moorooduc Hwy?

    Keep us posted and if anyone wants to meet up with me here or somewhere nearby let us know :)
  5. Hey Frankie
    Whats going on mate,this Portsea ride sounds borrrringg :roll:
    sounds like we all need to get some Harleys to do this ride. :LOL:

    :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p

    Hakin :wink:
  6. Hey this sounds interesting, maybe this time Ill complete the ride :p

    I'll be in for this one and I'll be taking it easy :grin: , still gotta get used to reverse gears :)
  7. Re: (VIC)Portsea Sun 12th Feb 06

    https://netrider.net.au/calendar/?action=add :wink:

    .. and if you did that first, it gives you the option to have the server automatically post it to teh forums too, so you don't have to enter it twice :)
  8. im interested in the ride, HP maccas is 5 minutes from my house, will post sooner to the date
  9. I'll confirm later, but at the moment, I'll join the pack in Hastings. :grin:
  10. Johnny O is working on his TNT this weekend. If he gets what he wants done by Sunday, we would be in for this ride. :)
  11. Should be up for this ride, provided my kids let me out :grin:
  12. The weather certainly looks promising :)

    Fine day. Min 13 Max 27
  13. What time ddo you think you will end up in Portsea?
  14. Hi jimmy :)

    Would like to be in Portsea around 12:30-1pm the latest. But the earlier the better.

    I'd imagine there will be quite a few people out n about and doing lunch so I'd like to grap a table or two at the main hotel if possible. Lets see what the day brings I guess :wink:

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  15. I am in for part of it, will work out precisely when i can tomorrow, but at the least i will scoot down to portsea and have something to eat and ride back.
  16. Mrs Scumbag will be at the Portsea Pub with a friend for lunch, I have not decided what I am up to yet. Want to do a ride first then might join up with her down there.
  17. Hey Drslug :)

    We'll meet you at Maccas on Moorooduc Hwy but will be a short stop as we'd like to keep movin

    Hi AnotherMacca :)

    We'll meet you at Maccas in Hastings

    Geezzzz! All those cheeseburgers gona be makin me F.A.R.T :p :butt: :p

    Cheers Franky :cool:
  18. you never know,
    i may just do that! :wink: :wink:
  19. I cant think of tha Maccers ya talking about :? :?
    Is is a new one?

    & I used to live in Hampton Park :oops:
  20. About a 1 or 2 years old. Cnr Sth Gippsland Hwy and Hallam Rd. Shares the 'site' with a Shell? servo. It's about 2 or 3 km from the Monash's Fwy Cranbourne exit.