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[VIC] Ride to Phillip Island for the WSBK, Sun Mar 5th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: vic

    Leaving my house in Tarneit at 5am. Stops and approximate times are listed below.

    1. Shell Servo Westgate (City Bound) ~$5.30am

    2. Stud Rd Exit off Monash then straight back on again ~6.15am

    3. Mobile Servo in Officer (coffee break) ~6.45am

    ... more

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  2. Just gotta love the bot, I will be at the (3. Mobile Servo in Officer (coffee break) ~6.45am) not sure about the coffee unless Vic has his coffee maker with him.
  3. IC hobag :)

    That hot stuff they sell at servos is recycled bore water mixed with diesel.
  4. anyone leaving later on???????
  5. It does seem just a bit too early!

    I am going to wait and see what Saturday night holds before deciding what time to leave on Sunday.

    If its anything like my usual active social life, I will probably be well rested for an early depature on Sunday
  6. Best way to get a good possy at the track :)
  7. Also means you're not stuck in the queue of bikes that start at the round about, with the coppers and the old blokes on vespas on the way down.
  8. Never been down that early, should give it a go, might see you at Stud Rd
  9. anyone leaving from the east? croydon etc?
  10. And ensure you see the first practice at 9:20. If your not at the track (don't forget to make time allowance for traffic into and beyond San Remo etc.) by 9:00 you'll likely miss it
  11. superbikes

    I be f,d if Im leaving at 5.30am,I will be leaving Mitcham at roughly 8.30 ish Saturday morn is the rough plan,if youre interested,maybe earlier depending on how many people want to go down and what the general concensus is.
  12. I'm leaving from Wantirna - I'll leave the mobile at the corner of Stud and Burwood highway around 5:50, go straight down Stud to the freeway and wait for Vic and co.
  13. Where abouts on the Stud Rd exit are you all going to be hanging? Next to the horse paddok or litterally on the south bound off ramp?
  14. I am riding down on Saturday if anyone wants to tag along in a group. I have to confirm the time when I check in with the other riders tomorrow. :)
    It will be a nice relaxing cruise though :)
  15. From the sounds of it Vic just wants to get off the freeway at stud rd, cut straight across back onto the onramp, and keep going. I'll stop where ever is convenient - there's a wide shoulder there if I remember correctly so I might just wait at the side of the road.
  16. Yeah, wide shoulder is what I was picturing as well.

    From mammaries, I need to go to the lights to do a U-Turn so it forces me past that shoulder.
  17. pretty sure you can just ride from the off-ramp, across the intersection, and back onto the on-ramp?


    You're a big kid now, I'm sure you'll figure it out.
  18. Leave my stomach outta this :evil:

  19. Yes.
  20. Anyone keen to leave from the west or north at about 8am??