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[VIC] Ride to Marysville, Sat Mar 25th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Russell

    Depart time of 11am, Boronia Maccas, then to Olinda, Monbulk, Cockatoo, Woori Yallock then to Warburton for our first stop.
    Then on to Marysville as our second stop & lunch.
    From there it will depend on were people wish to go. Myself I'll be looking...

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  2. Hey Russell, what class is this ride?
  3. I might be up for this one ....Im looking to get out on saturday.
  4. Hmmmm.....Tempting........
  5. sounds good should be able to make it might even try and drag my bro along on his vtr250 the wheather is supposed to be ok so it should be a good day for the hills :grin:
  6. Sounds like fun. Flipper and i should be there. :)
  7. Just spoke with my brother he was thinking of going to the car and bike show but as usual it didnt take much to convince him to come along so you can put both of us down as definate starters mate will be a great day 31 degrees so sun, hills, twisties what else could a bloke ask for (leave that one open :twisted: ) catch ya all there

    Life is like the an open road (not a box of bloody chocalates) there is the ups and downs but then you get to turn a corner for a totally different view :beer: [/u]
  8. We that makes it so far;

    Yes 5
    Maybe 2
    Tempting 1

    Any other takers??????????????
  9. Rolla, Stookie and myself will be there Russell :grin:
  10. Good lord a civilised start time ;)

    I'll confirm tomorrow morning, but it's lookin' good!

  11. Aren't you supposed to be resting?
  12. Well maybe the time has come... :grin: Been months since I went around a corner.

    Besides, it's just an intermediate ride. You can go pillion if you like, but no steering with the joystick. :LOL:
  13. Ahhh buggerit. The tempting is a yes.
  14. hey if i can get enough sleep from going out tonight-- will make it illegal tyres and all :facepalm:
  15. Place and time for Cockatoo? I'll meet you there :)
  16. Is that another sly joke?

    I'll just use the reins then.
  17. It sounds like a good ride, however I have not got much experience and would realisticly be a class 2 rider as I am very nervous about corners and road conditions. I would be interested in comming along to observe however... would anyone object if I followed from a safe distance in my car? , or ulternatively I could go pillion with one of you more experienced folk. I just want to get a feel for how corners are supposed to be taken on a bike, so I can go off on my own and learn , not feeling like I am holding anyone up.
  18. No worries with me mate maybe bring the bike anyway cause I dont think anyone will be going at balistic pace anyway. I know I wont be going to hard first time I have had this bike up there last time was on the blade so im tipping it will be a bit different trip this time mate and the best way to learn is to get out there but just go easy till you get more experience :cool:
  19. Hey Fuzz, why don't you just come along and give it a shot. Dave and I have only had 3 hours sleep so I will be taking it extra easy today so i can sit behind you for a while. You won't really get anything out of doing the ride in the car and if you find it's too much, you can always just do part of the ride and turn back if you aren't comfortable with the pace.
  20. I might see if i can make i can make it down there for this, I'll probably head off at marysville though.

    Fuzz, the only way to learn is to get out there and ride, as flipper said if it's too much just stop turn around and head back at your own pace, no ones going to think any less of you for doing so. plus you'll hate it in the car on a day like today.