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[VIC] Ride to Jindivick (Chilli Festival) Sun 19th Feb

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by carver, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. [VIC] Ride to Jindivick (Chilli Festival) Sun 19th Feb

    - Jindivick (Chilli Festival)
    - Chilli Products, Music, Gourmet Food, Wines, & Boutique Beers

    Meeting Point;
    - 9:30am; Breakfast/Greetings/Fuel (Shell & Ampol)
    - 10:00am; Leave/Depart
    - cnr Belgrave-Gembrook Rd & Kilvington Dr, Emerald
    - MEL-127-E5 (opposite Post Office; near Commonwealth Bank)

    Weather Forecast;
    > Melbourne Metropolitan Forecast
    > West and South Gippsland

    Class 3: Intermediate;
    - At speed-limits through open sections,
    - near and at speed-limits (where possible/appropriate) through windy sections.
    - Forest sections and twisties.
    - Regular turn-offs.
    - 150-300km distance with approx.
    - 50-80km between stops.

    Ride Leader;
    - carver (Karrl)

    - TBA (volunteers appreciated)


    - EASY; via Princess Hwy
    - FUN; reverse the Route

    - please check this post again Friday/Saturday night
  2. Recommended Reading;
    > The Art Of Group Riding

    Detailed Route;

    EMERALD (C412)
    .. R; Beaconsfield - Emerald Rd (C406)
    .. L; Paternostor Rd
    .. R; Pakenham Rd (C411; Pakenham Upper)
    .. L; Gembrook Rd (C424; Gembrook)

    .. [** Regroup **]
    .. Gembrook-Launching Place Rd (C424)
    .. R; Warburton Hwy (B380)

    .. R; Yarra Junction - Noojee Rd (C425)

    .. [** Smoko/Drinks **]
    .. continue, straight ahead (C425)

    .. R; T-Intersection (up the big hill with sweepers)

    .. [** Regroup **]
    .. R; toward Jindivick

    .. [** Destination/Lunch **]
  3. To work or not to work - this sounds very, very tempting ...... :?
  4. went yesterday to chilli fest here in Perth, was great.

    mouth still hurting. Chilli beer is great.

    suggestion, before you leave, put some toilet paper in the fridge. when you get back, you'll need it.
  5. A ride and a Chilli Festival, I'd definately be there but I've already made plans (will be riding the GOR that day instead). Perhaps next year.
  6. Depending on goodwill of other half and state of rest (I get back from NZ Sat. night), I might see you there. I go most years anyway. I won't come up through Emerald though - I'll go straight to the festival.
  7. (shuddering at memory of last Jindivick Chili Festival I visited)

    Can't join you on this one mate, will be staying at home protecting valuables from dodgy housemate who is moving out.

    It's a bloody fun day though, I can guarantee! Plan for plenty of toilet stops on the way home... And if you damage your arses too much, you can always get some large amounts of cotton wool in packenham upper.

    Get it?

    Packenham upper?


    I kill me.
  8. COOL ... i mean...hot... i mean... great, i should be able to join you (...though vague concerns prompted by Homer's hallucegenic adventure at Springfield's chilli festival start to creep in :))
  9. Sounds like a hoot - am no chance of beeing allowed again for a whole Sunday, espcially as she is working all night before. So might see if she wants to drive up and meet there, might be the only way to swing it....Thanks for posting on a Monday so have a chance to work on her :)
  10. me want chilli festival... not sure if i'll be on a bike at that stage...

    either way, i would be highly interested in getting to this festival!!!

    chilli is my best friend!
  11. awww :( No Chance all booked out this weekend.
  12. It'll be a brave man (or woman) who volunteers to be Tail End Charlie on this ride......and you thought sitting behind a 2 stroke was bad........

    Hope you all got flame retardent seats cause ya man at Redback Chillies, does some evil work..
  13. Redback? As in Haggis? Damn funny bloke too!

    Recommend the Hab&Honey and Pleasure'n'Pain.

    Also the "Chilliworks" brand habanero paste. Damn thats hot!

    Anyone at the Chilli Night at deyagos will remember the suicide wings. Was only about 1.5 tablespoons of the Redback Pleasure'n'Pain in those.

    Hot enough for you?
  14. OK... lucky I had a good look through the events page... sounds like a ripper... hopefully not literally.

    Ride noted!
  15. Steer well clear of the "After Death" sauce by the Death Sauce company. They're not fcuking kidding.
  16. If you've subscribed to the events calendar weekly email, you wouldn't need to be 'lucky' since you get an email every Friday with the next 7 days events :) https://netrider.net.au/calendar/
  17. We need another chilli night (I missed the last one :().
  18. Petition deyago, he was the only one brave (or foolish) enough to hold the last one.
  19. No doubt, you were dorothy dixxering me, because I am already subscribed and being subscribed takes no effort and makes sense... and you wanted another opportunity to plug the benefits of being subscribed... :p

    Still in this case, since the thread went cold, if I'd found out on Friday it might have been too late for the weekend.

    So I'm still thinking I'm lucky. lol


  20. Too smart for me :LOL:

    Hmmm .. maybe move the emails forward to Thur morning? But then those that add ride/events to the calendar on a Thur for that w/end, miss out on it goign out in the emails. It's always a trade-off