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[Vic] Ride to Healesville, Sat 12th Aug

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by mekros, Aug 11, 2006.

  1. Howdy all,

    I'm going to do a quick ride from Burwood to Healesville. It will be an easy ride, out to enjoy the weather and get comfortable on the bike.

    Meeting point is the Bunnings on Burwood Highway, Vermont South, departing tomorrow morning 9am.

    Hope to see those that are interested there!

    (mods, sorry if wrong forum!)
  2. As posted in another thread, a group of us are heading for Healesville via various roads, taking the long way, where we're staying overnight. Then doing the same thing Sunday. Looking forward to it. I'll be my first real ride since getting the new bike (the last two weekends' 300 km blasts were just something to do on a Sunday arvo).
  3. I shall see you at Bunnings this morning
    I will be on a black Kawasaki Eliminator (Cruiser 250 cc)
  4. Howdy all,

    Yesterday's ride went well, SVMick from SVDU and Fuzz from netrider showed up at the meet before I got there.

    We headed off with SVMick in the lead, he did a great job, kept us all on pace, nice ride through great scenery. We stopped at Healesville for a hot chocolate before we decided to turn back. I thought we were going to take a detour on the way home but we just headed straight down the Warbie and Maroondah Hwys.

    It's a great little short run, I'll repeat it again and hopefully make it turn into a run through the spurs.

  5. How'd you guys go on your ride? We had a good two days, except for one of the mates. We just left Healesville and heading up Chum Creek Road. A mate on his GSXR1000 was in the lead with me following. We come to this left hander and encountered gravel right on the corner. The mate hit it, bike jumped around a bit, he picked it up, hit the picks, but ran wide and onto a muddy clearing on the other side of the road where he lost it.

    It was a sickening sight, especially when he wasn't moving. I managed to avoid the crap and pulled up. Raced over to tend to him.

    He was concious but in a lot of pain. Initially we suspected broken ribs, and maybe, at the least, he might've been winded.

    We made him comfortable, but the pain wasn't subsiding. Just getting worse. Ambo time.

    A few riders pulled up and offered assistance, as well as a few cars. One of the riders, was a woman on a red ducati 900 SS, with the rego plate "LIL". Sounded familiar. Yep, a Netrider.

    Thanks Lil for your offer of help.

    The ambos took him to a hospital in Ringwood. Collar bone broken. The bike suffered one broken left blinker, and a crack in the fairing, and lots of mud everywhere.

    He'll mend, as too will the bike. It sort of stuffed up his weekend, but he's philosophical about it. He caught a taxi back to the pub in Healesville where we were staying the night. $50, thanks.

    Police were good as were the other emergency services people that attended. They quickly cleaned up the crap off the road.

    But coming home today, we copped a lot of loose stones on the road between Lake Mountain and Warburton/Reefton. After yesterday it was making me a bit nervous, as the Blackbird was jumping around a fair bit over the crap.

    Anyway, I've learned a couple of things. One; weekends aren't the best for roaming around the Yarra Ranges. Too many bikes and cars. Next time, it'll be a mid-week event. And two; there are some great places to visit up there and great roads to ride on.
  6. My pleasure :wink: , although it looked like you boys had everything under control.

    ....Woman???? I thought I was still a girl!! :shock: :cry: :cry: :LOL:
  7. I had two runs this weekend up that way. Same trip both days. Out through Warrandyte to Kangaroo Ground. Yarra Glen to Healesville on Old Healesville road. Chum Creek road (offered assistance) right through to Kinglake. Headed out to Yea for lunch. Home trip through Cejay's hidden treasure in Molesworth (you know.....that road that starts with "W") and the Black Spur on the way home. If "SINNA" is on this forum, my apologies for the monumental stuffup that I'm sure left you feeling pretty peeved with me :oops: .

    Good fun, but definately time for steering bearings to be done *sigh*
  8. Yes Lil on the Duke, always remember her.

    Hope your mates ok, I done the collar bone in on march after a slow off up reefton.
    Lost it in the dirt same as your mate.
    I was lucky for the dirt, could have been a wall.
    Busted my collar bone badly. Didnt get the painful stuff, to much adrenaline I guess. Hurt like hell next day. Its a right pain in the ass, let me tell you.
    Get to see a good doc quickly.
    The guys in the hospital said i should go home and get over it, it didnt work and I had to get an op.

    Anyway Im good as new after 5 months and that was me on the little black Hornet with Lil, reg plate reads "OOPSI" .

    Hope your mates ok. I DO know exactly how he feels.
  9. Thanks for the words of support, Lil and Stookie. Hopefully for Terry the collar bone will heal. We have the GP to go to in a few weeks.

    Oh, sorry Lil. I'll correct that statement - "a GIRL/Lady/Woman/Bird/Chick on a 900 SS"


    It was funny. Of all of us who with Level 3 first aid, the guy who did all the right things in treating him has only Level 1. And what he did was to make him comfortable.

    Terry removed his own helmet. We helped him with his gloves and undoing his jacket. Basically, all we could do was to make him comfortable, help him stay warm, which was fine as he was fairly well rugged up to start with, reassured him and called the ambos.

    The police were good. No patronising stuff about stupid bike riders or whatever. It was interesting to chat to them. They now have onboard computers which are used to dispatch jobs, and comms are digital. So, the days of listening in on scanners (something that the journos do) are gone.

    But like everything, the gear that they have is 3 generations old. Typical Vic Police - always tight with a dollar when it comes to the really important stuff that the members can actually use to help them do their job better.

    Anyway, thanks again folks. It's nice to know that if you do do an "oops" out there, that people are willing to stop and help.

  10. Hi LIL

    It is called
    Whanregarwen Road

    said as
    ''whan ra gar wen''

    i used to live along there :grin:

    (first Right after the Molesworth Pub )

    take it easy out there everyone :shock:
  11. Sorry to hear about your friends spill. Always so much crap on the roads this time of year.

    Lil, you've gone and blown the secret now! If anyone is going to do that road, be aware of the narrow middle section. Cars do not expect you to be there, so 7/10 is called for. The rest of it is fantastic, watch out for cow poo and cattle trucks. Mind you, going through there mid week a few months ago, followed a truck doing 140+, the only reason we went past was the poo flying off the back :p