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[VIC] Ride to Daylesford, Sun 6th May

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, May 2, 2007.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Rob (Robsalvv)

    The calendar entry looks all weird so the below thread will serve as the read more ;)

  2. Thanks Admins :) And much thanks for the tinyurl-ing... (didn't realise the url function wouldn't handle the long map urls... my apologies!) (And thanks mod/s for the title clear up)

    Ok, my first NR posted event!

    Here's the blurb:

    In light of Rosie's https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=35753
    What does life have in store for me? thread, I'm proposing a Zen ride to Daylesford.

    STARTING TIME: Leaving at 10:30am from the outbound https://netrider.net.au/pics/maps/vic-portmelbourne.gif Shell servo on the Westgate freeway. Meet at 10am for fuel, coffee and rider briefing just before take off.

    We'll take the freeway and http://tinyurl.com/2swe6q
    back way to Bacchus Marsh (some 62km) and regroup at the Maccas. This leg is quite straight and dull, but BUMPY!! We'll leaving again at 11:30am.

    From there we'll take the http://tinyurl.com/358qek
    back roads to Daylesford (some 72km) which will see us take in the pentland hills road, wombat state forest and Trentham. Mostly sweepers, but a couple of 40km/h bumpy corners.

    Destination is currently the Farmers Arms Hotel - www.farmersarms.com.au in Daylesford, but that might change as the day draws near.

    The ride will be at legal speeds and below - this is about Zen, not twisty bashing - and will probably end up with a major gas bag over lunch!

    Peeps are free to make their own way back at any time, or we'll just reverse the route after 3ish.

    It's listed as a class two ride but there are some class three bits along the way.

    Please drop a line in the forum thread whether you're likely to join in!

    TEC position is currently filled!. YAY!

    Confirmed Zennists:

    Loz (TEC - with hooliganist tendencies lol)
    Chengalengalengalengaleng :)
    Rosie :)
    Sarz (possibly camping at the Choco Mill... :grin:)
    Falcon Lord
    Fuzz +1 (maybe)
    Geordie Lass (If Elmarco pulls his finger out! :p)
    Lucy (doing an insy winsy spider... :grin:)
    Stewy +1 (maybe)
    Stan (minus the ducks)
    TrickyD (maybe, work committments pending)
    Priime (insy winsy clause :p)
    Roarin (on a zen ride?!?!?!! Cool!)

    BM Maccas:
    Nightgash (Maybe)
    Mr Rah (Rah's other half (maybe))
    Dr Who (along the way)
    Sir ride alot (insy winsy clause :p)
    Greenrider +1
  3. You don't happen to be going anywhere near this are you?
    the chocolate mill
    they make a really nice chilli chocolate triangle which I'm sure is good for the soul .......

    Pity I can't join you - be out east way working.
    Have a fun day
    BB :)
  4. *sigh* Would have been a perfect day for my birthday....

    Unfortunately, being the birthday means enduring the obligatory family birthday lunch :(

    Have fun kids :)
  5. Bugger BB! Would've been lovely to have you a long. Thanks for the hot tip ...I think we will be going home via that location now!! :) Thx! :) Got an order??? I'm happy to share :)

    Peeah, would've been lovely to have you along too. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] for sunday :)
  6. I might try to talk Chengaleng into this... If I come along and suitable enticements are offered I may consider TEC duties.

    ...Oh, and I hope Zen and wheelies/hooliganism can coexist!
  7. ...just imagine the sound of one wheel turning.... ahh ... I think you've just attained enlightenment.

    A hot chocolate is on me Bro.

  8. Count me in Rob! I love that area for riding in, and it sounds like my sort of pace.

    Mind you - Zen Navigation might not be the best choice for the day, but still fun (read some more Douglas Adams if you don't understand)
  9. No probs Steve!!! If I find a car that looks like it knows where it's going, then I'll follow it... we might not go where we were wanting to... but we'll end up where we were meant to be... :LOL:

    Weather prediction for Sunday is currently 21 and fine. :woot:

    ...or given that this is meant to be a thought provoking ride, should that have read: the whether prediction... ?
  10. I would like to be in this. Seeing as I live in Romsey it would be best for me to meet you guys at Bacchus Marsh Maccas.
  11. Im coming - on the condition it doesnt rain (guess that makes me a 99% chance of turning up.).
  12. Will meet you at Bacchus Marsh.

    oh and the Choco Mill also does Dark Chilli Hot Chocolate...very yum!.

    Route looks good.... if you want something bit more smoother for the journey home... you can try, Daylesford Trentham, Woodend and Gisborne down the Old Calder Highway and then back to Bacchus form there...can show you on the day anyway.

    And Mrs Drew is REALLY ticked off.......because she has to work all weekend :LOL: I've just been instructed that we DO have to go to the Chocolate Mill as I am to procure some to atone for having a fun day out.

    If weather becomes inclement mid ride....(never know in these parts) . i know a certain netriders house in Kyneton we can use for shelter/coffee/socks in the dryer etc.
  13. Good stuff Rob! :)

    I'll be there..meet you all at the Shell at 10am.

    +1 on the Chocolate Mill - their hot chocolates are divine... :)
  14. Righto, Chengaleng's in - see yewz there.

    I'll bring my phallosopher's stone.
  15. This one will endeavour to attend. From the Westgate Servo.

    Cheers :wink:
  16. Well, if Mrs Drew can make it - I'd offer a pillion seat, but since she thinks cruisers are no fun, I guess she won't be interested. :p

    Hopefully we can get a strong contingent of the rest of the westies crew - always good to ride with you all. Someone ring Jake as he'll probably miss this thread.
  17. AFAIK, Jake will be on another ride

    I'm really looking forward to getting some ride leadership experience and share some Zen with you lot!

    :applause: Rosie - since you were the inspiration, I'm rapt you'll be coming! :applause:

    This ride looks to be shaping up to be a ripper! Lookin forward to meeting new folk and catching up with some old ones :)
  18. Thanks for the offer Steve....no it's just Harleys that are no fun. :LOL:

    But She has to work and i get to go bike riding!!! :twisted: Otherwise we'd take you up on the offer :grin: Cheers
  19. Oooooooh, I'm so at Maccas at 11:30am :grin:

    And I'II probably return home, back to Bacchus Marsh, via Mt.Macedon if the weather is still OK, so feel free to join in :grin:
  20. Yep, I'm in, looks like a great day and a great ride. At this stage I will probably meet up with the group at BM Macca's.