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[VIC] Ride to Buxton via Marysville, Tues 4th Apr

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by Caz V1, Apr 3, 2006.

  1. Hi all,
    OLFOX(Jeff) and myself are going on a ride tomorrow.(weather permitting)
    We are in the outer Nth suburbs and intend on riding out to Whittlesea then across to King lake, healsville,Marysville then onto Buxton.
    If anyone wants to join us...drop me a PM and we'll organise a suitable meeting point.Or if anyone wants to meeet up along the way just drop me a PM and we'll figure out a time and place.
    We are leaving Craigieburn at about 10am, intending to go across to Epping then Sth Morang and up to Whittlesea along Plenty rd.
    if you want to join us meet at McDonalds in Mill Park on Cnr of Plenty Rd/University drive at 10.30am for a 10.45am departure.

    hoping to see a few of you in the morning.

  2. Hi Caz

    I was intending to have a bit of a look around Healesville area tomorrow

    1. what time were you expecting to be at Kinglake
    2. where did you plan to go after Buxton?

    Cheers bb
  3. Caz, Unfortunately I will be working and am still sore after three days of riding anyway. However, we always used to go up Plenty Road to Whittlesea but on Friday Husband elected for us not to go that way as his last experience of the roadworks on Plenty Road (which seem ongoing) put him right off. We went out the Hume Extension to the Shell and turned right and went across to Whittlesea that way and it worked really well. My 2c worth cos I hate roadworks.
  4. we have no plans made for after Buxton other than finding somewhere to have lunch, Ive never been out that way before(on a bike) so it will be interesting.
    Im guessing we will be in Kinglake at about 11.30 give or take a few minutes.
    I havent been out that way for years so i don't really know how long it will take us, Im only on a 250 so we wont be doing big speeds.
    I'll PM you my mobile and we can go from there if you like.
  5. We are in Craigieburn...and usually head out that way you mentioned, donnybrook Rd, but I thought Id give some other riders that live further east than us a chance to meet up. but if we dont get anytakers..Im guessing OLFOX will just head up the hume as you suggested.
    Thanks for the road report..I havent been up plenty rd for a few months.

  6. Well, the time is drawing near...Im a bit nervous!
    I hope the rain stays away for me today.
    Not much for brekky this morning, my stomach is in knots, Ive never been on the spur on a bike before.
    I never thought I'd be this nervous.
    ohhh a patch of sunshine...GOOD lets hope it stays that way...now where did I leave my digi cam?

    Can't wait to write my first "ride report"

    Cheers all
  7. Last minute change of plans - jumped on the bike & headed out northeast. Passed thro' Healesville around noon, stopped at Marysville for a cherry danish, on the road again by 12.45pm.
    Was it you I nodded to whilst coming out of Marysville Caz?
    Great run - no traffic - but cool (add winter gloves to the BikeMart shopping list). Roads a little wet - crap on one bit of spur going up & road surface on the last left hander at the bottom going down has come unstuck & is a nasty mess - just don't go too wide on that corner! its been pretty dicy for awhile - but is now atrocious.
  8. yep..that was me...trailing along behind Jeff :grin:
    Ive just got home...Ive had the best day in over ten years I reckon.
    I cant stop grinning :grin: :grin: :grin:
    Time for a cuppa and then I'll post a report.
    When we got to Buxton...I said to Jeff....that lil black naked bike...with black helmet was you,.....I had vibes!

    My cheeks are soooo sore from grinning :oops:
  9. I nodded to you when you were coming down the hill just past the old Mobil servo into Healesville. All in black riding a vtr250 with a pillion bag? I was heading back to Melbourne.
  10. Thought I'd seen that cool looking bike/helmet before :) Hope you had a good run too Cam