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vic ride thursday

Discussion in 'VIC' started by The_brick, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. Ok I've got some time off
    Weather is supposed to be good so I'm going for a ride
    Will leave mulgrave servo around 10 (corner stud and wellington)
    head off too emerald then across too lanching place
    ride through too noojee across to moe (get close to Baw Baw)
    then maybe across to poowong or maybe highway back to dandy, pending time
    Last time i tried this ride my 12 ended up in a 3mtr ditch
    but now on a new bike :shock:
    I will be going with or without others
    this will not be an easy ride, weather, trucks, cows will be against you.
    I'm planning 10 to 5 back in melbourne before dark

  2. forgot date
    Thursday 18/6/09
  3. can we move a little quicker and be back in melb by 3? :LOL:
  4. how early you willing to wake up, Binky?
    im keen for a run through icey creek rd and down gippy way, but have work 2:15pm in knoxfield, so you can join and be back in the city by 3?

    sorry to hijack OP :p
  5. i may well be up at the crack of dawn buddy. the weather looks quite good this week. i;l also speak to my mate wazza, net nanny name Undii! :LOL: and see if he wants to pop along also.
  6. you guys go have fun a will still be out until 5ish
    was plannin to stay over night but hmmm bosss said NO so I will be taking my time on a one dayer
    as for earlier, Not interested road into the city at 7 this morning and its bloody cold :cry: . i like the later start
  7. well so far maybe 1 going
    weather looks good
    I,m going to head to baw baw across to moe, up grand ridge road,
    head towards korumburra, fly back to warragul, freeway to drouin, back roads to poowong, langlang and back home down the freeway, thats if i dont change on the day :roll:

    kinkybinky if you want to get back faster you can always depart down the freeway at anytime only 60 ish minutes from moe

    nibor we will still have to organise that ride from last year
    might be free early next week
  8. Was good to met you Brick or luck as i was concerned about how much fuel i had in my tank and no station at Maryrisville...
    Thanks for the escort back to Healesville to top up..........and for the ride home......... :grin:

    Seeya Neil