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[VIC] ride melb to grampians, Sat Mar 14th

Discussion in 'VIC' at netrider.net.au started by ForumBot, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Corbin

    start/westgate shell servo outbound
    meet /@ 7.30 am -leave 8am
    for / western victoria
    the grampians -halls gap.

    650 klm round trip ..

    all bikes welcome.
    harley's , sportsbikes etc
    ( no scootas' )

    ... more

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  2. Interested. Never been there.
  3. I can't see why I wouldn't join the group near the grampians for a bit of a play. Shelley might be keen too. :)
  4. Why no scooters? :(
  5. I agree. If it's a class 4 ride as described then scooters should be no problem. I'm really getting sick of this scooter bashing shit around here, there's some scooter riders that can outride most muppets on this site.
  6. To early to commit atm, but sounds good.

    Re: "scooter bashing".....Just start another ride/thread to include scooters then... :roll:
  7. class is expereinced riders, at the speed limit everywhere.....some scooter struggle to do 80km/hr, and i reckon that's the sort of scooter he doesn't want to come along :wink:

    which scooter riders? Maybe in the tight city streets (maybe), but out on the open road? Or are you referring to most muppets here as being learner rider? :? Because no ride i have ever been on have i ever seen a scooter rider cut up most of the pack
  8. Hi Adam :)

    Yeah I agreethat those types of scooters would be a pain in the ass to have along, but this ride has been classed as type 4 and so would exclude these scoots anyway. What I have issue with is the 'No Scootas' tag at the end of the ride descrpition. Not all scoots are these stupid little dinky things that get about the city and give us a bad name

    Ray from Staffords for one, he rides a 400 Yamaha most days. My Mum for another.
    In part, Yes, but I'm more referring to the boy racer wannabe's that get along to TNMR's or only ride on a Sunday when it's dry. In no way am I referring to the crowd that you ride with regularly Stew and neither am I saying that they'd 'cut up the pack' either.

    I just get the shits because AFAIK we're ALL motorcyclists regardless of the type of machine we ride and we all share a love of riding. To exclude some people simply because of their choice of machine is plain pathetic especially when a ride such as this seems pretty straightforward.

  9. count me in. if not busy. bit to early to tell. Also i think if scooter can do speed limits should be able to come. take some heat of my lil gv250 hyosung lmao :grin:
  10. Peanuts, not sure if you were wanting to go on this or just taking up the issue on principle. If you are interrested in a ride that weekend, I think Slowcoach was organising one, although it hasn't made it into the calender yet (That's a hint Cam)

    While I'd welcome scoots on any ride I organised I guess it's up to each ride organiser to set their own conditions for a ride.

    Sorry not trying to hijack a ride notice into a debate on scooters. Just trying to let Peanuts know there may be an alternative.
  11. Thanks! I'm not trying to hijack this thread either. Would love a ride to the Grampians, but at this stage not even sure if I'm free that day. I guess it was just an instinctive "principle" reaction. I just wanted to know why the blanket ban. I can understand why someone wouldn't want little miss muppet on her 50cc in her boob tube, mini skirt and sandals coming on their ride (or maybe they would :) ) but I doubt that that sort of "rider" would be interested in coming anyway. Will keep an eye out for the other ride you've mentioned :)
  12. Oops, I think I'm already booked that weekend.
  13. MMM you say.


    so sorry I figga you scoota frat ride only in th city limits 60-80-100klm
    THE NO SCOOTA'S - most or all don't have gears -thus no inertia/strong cross wind will stuff you up .
    but proove me wrongk come along -
    most others will be on HAYABUSA's ,SV1000s ,gsxr1 or R1-R6.

    WE'RE NOT going way of the hi-way from melb-ballarat-ararat or back this way .roads may & are rough & windy.

    but the grampians - arrr what do I say . nudda nothing not telling you you don't come you don't see . google pic's of it may be safer for some .

    I've never in my 107 thousand klm's on my HAYABUSA or 40k klm's on my HARLEY-DAVIDSON seen any Scootas' on the open road or where we ride. but proove me wrongk on this day & I'll invite you along for every ride

    Please rules
    :ride within your abilities or injuries or bikes ability

    : don't overtake on the left/h/ side -do it safely on the r/h/side

    :try to keep the pack of bikes tight

    :2 bike corner marking system will be explained

    fuel /food/piss stops are between 170klm-220 distance

    bring your camera & I'll put a smile on your dial in Ararat .

    more info when time is closer Dudes & Peeps

  14. Some of these late model scooters can actually go. (fast) Are you worried that a scooter might blow your Harley off on the open road. hahahahaha
    I am going with Cam to Port Campbell same day as this ride,
    Your Hyabusa and my XX cruiser are not in the same category as Scooters, And wont keep up on our runs, But they are still two wheels and should be encouraged on runs that are suited to them.
  15. cmon then
    deadman when do we go 4 a ride, was sat very wet 4 u

    I had fun on my Ha Ha Ha HARLEY ha ha

    .there was only 1-other with me on sat on a Triump Bonny- tooo wet 4 anyone else.

    MMM I now wanna go 4 a ride up-the coast of N,S,W through bermagui

    you comin, thats If a 1700klm ride - not 2 far 4 u

    or we'll just do laps on the netrider website forum
  16. Rydrz,
    I went to Port Cambell on Saturday and came back Sunday. 680 klms most of it in the rain. I still had fun, near froze to death,
    Check it out on the post I put up. Seven of us started and it was pissing down before we even left,
    I am going on the Tintaldra run on the 27 March, check that one out too,
    Approx 1500 klms in a weekend.
    Yes I would like to ride with you, you also like to crank up the miles.
    And I really dont know how fast a scooter can go, but they are still two wheels and should be allowed to go on some runs, eventually they will progress to a bigger machine,
  17. Rydz,
    Did only two of you go on the Grampians ride. you should have waited at the servo, and came with us, we left at 10-00 am.
  18. Yep only the two of us nutters.
    myself &
    the payrole manager from work keeped a good pace in the wet .

    the 1700klm's through Bermagui is a 1-day event not 2 or 3 day ride
    as I have done it several times over the years
    on the busa (since 2001)& twice on the harley-davidson.

    THE OPENESS OF THE COAST of N,S,W & distance between servo's is a test for fuel econemy great all year round but not on public hol's .double demerit points in nsw & on long weekends.

    I've been traveling this road for 30+ years now & enjoy it every time & anytime of year .
  19. Nutters is right, It was weekend we should have stayed home,
    Just goes to show how much we like to ride. It was still a good ride,
    Where do you live in Melb. We could possibly organise a few rides together.
  20. in melbourne- a city near you