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VIC - Ride Kinglake, Reefton, Eildon, Seymour - Tue 7th Nov

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Sir Ride Alot, Nov 5, 2006.

  1. Posted the following ride this morning but it has not shown up in the calendar so I will repost here.

    Meeting at 9:00am Tuesday 7th November (Cup Day) at the Greensborough Caltex/Safeway servo North from the end of the ring road. Departing 9:30am to Kinglake (the extra twisty way), Healsville (Coffee), Woori Yallock, Reefton Spur, Marysville, Buxton, Taggerty, Eildon (lunch), Alexandra, Yea (Back road via Molesworth), Highlands, Seymour (Coffee), Strath Creek, Flowerdale, Kinglake West, Whittlesea, Bundoora (Ring Road).

    The usual disclaimer. Fairly cruisy ride as thats all the 2fiddy will allow. :)
  2. Hi Sir Ride Alot,

    I'd like to join you and anyone else that is going. A cruisy ride on the 2fiddy sounds like the perfect way to spend Cup Day.

    See you at the Greensborough Caltex/Safeway servo at 9am.

  3. Hi Smaca,

    It will be a good ride with the roads hopefully nice and empty.

    See you tomorrow.
  4. Ooooh, sounds like just the ride for me... hopefully it will not eventuate like other cup days where is rains down.
  5. Bump . . . Pity this didn't get into the calendar.

    I may join you guys. Let you know later.
  6. If its not raining ....
    and if I get up early enough, I'll join you guys on this one :grin:
  7. Mate, would of loved to join you again, but got commitments on Tuesday. This is a great ride, I did it on Sunday with some mates, although I did turn right to Yea instead of left to Seymour after straths creek.
    Have a good one all.
  8. Looks like a good ride, I'm keen.
    Just have to drag myself out of bed in time.
  9. According to BOM weather should be fine.

    Forecast for Tuesday
    Local morning drizzle then fine. A mostly sunny afternoon with moderate to fresh
    southeast to southerly wind.

    Precis: Morning drizzle. Afternoon sunshine.
    City: Min 13 Max 19

    I will prey to the motorcycle weather gods tonight. Maybe a small sacrifice. :shock:
  10. Weather is flipping gorgous, see you all the greensborough.
    By the way, nth of the ring rd is diamond creek isn't it? That bit has me confused.... my number is 0402289504 if someone can clarify. I will try and get an address of the net for the place.

    cheers... fuzz
  11. The motorcycle weather gods must have answered the prayers.

    Strangely though no one has seen the cat this morning.

    Fuzz is correct the servo sits just over the Greensborough Diamand Creek Border.

    See everyone at 9:00
  12. See you there.
  13. Looks like a change of plans for me guy's.
    Have fun, I look forward to the ride reports this arvo :)
  14. So,
    did you guy's have a good ride?
  15. All in all a great day's ride.

    Five brave netriders began their journey from Greensborough at 9:30am and approximately 500k's later after riding through Kinglake, Chum Creek and the Reefton Spur where we overtook many big 1000cc sports bikes or was it the other way around. We continued through Marysville to Eildon where a great lunch was had at the local hotel then to Seymour via the Highlands and a slight detour, Strath Creek, Flowerdale, a fast run to Whittlesea and finally finishing up at Bundoora at around 7:30pm.

    A big thanks to Ozego, RoderickGI, Fuzz and smaca for making it a great day.

    Some photos at: http://s144.photobucket.com/albums/r195/allshare/netrider/NR ride Kinglake Eildon Seymour 20061107/
  16. Thanks Sir for organizing a great ride along good roads. Would have been better if it was a few degrees warmer though, next time fix the weather. :p
  17. Yes Caz, we had a great ride. More importantly, a safe ride. Long though, at about 11 hours home to home.

    The pace was down on some of the :shock: rides I have been on, but that was fine with me given the distance and the amount of twisty roads we were covering. It gave me a chance to practice technique as well, without having to try to keep up. Ozego definitely had a go though when the chance arrived, and Fuzz was putting on great pace on some of the country roads, particularly on our "slight detour". They couldn't compete the the Ducati though. 250cc vs 1000cc. No competition really. Not to mention, those cruisers nearly scrap the ground on their side stands, let alone on a lean around a fast corner. :p

    Slight detour = "Just ride to the next intersection". Okay, that would be a major intersection, right? Stopped at a T intersection that looked appropriate. Sir Ride Alot caught up: "Where are the others?" I ask. "Back at the interestion" "How far is that?" "Oh, about 20KM." Doh. :!:

    Smaca's Hyosung was amusing as it's rubber band got wound up on the straights and it loomed up in my mirrors as I braked for corners, only to disappear in the distance as I accelerated away from the corners. :grin: Smaca is looking forward to getting off restrictions, and getting something with an engine, not a rubber band. For the record, he has been very happy with it.

    Funniest thing though, was after being blocked by a car all the way down Chum Creek Road, doing well below the normal vehicle speed, our leader manged to pass the car, then slowed down to 50Km/h in a 60Km/h zone. This left the car having to brake constantly to keep its speed down. I believe the driver got the message, while I was laughing my head off. Perhaps next time s/he will speed up, or pull over to let bikes past. (The blocking maneuver seemed quite deliberate. Perhaps it was a plain cop car? I didn't see the driver.)

    Thanks Sir Ride Alot for organising the ride, with a very interesting route. A good day all round, and quite energetic, as my muscles are telling me.
  18. How can I not add my voice to the resounding cheer that has gone up and thanking Sir Rides Alot for a job well done and all in all, an excellent day out.

    The ride pushed the Hyosung over the 20,000km mark - so time to get it in for a service and get that rubber band changed over.

    Thanks again Sir Rides Alot - looking forward to next time the 250cc posse hits the road again. Yes Rod - you were an honourary 250 for the day!