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[VIC] Ride Into '09 - Sorrento, Sun Feb 22nd

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Magda

    Meet at 9am Mordialloc Pier for a 9.30 take off or 10am Frankston pier for a 10.30 take off. Head down the peninsula via Mt Martha to Arthurs Seat. Then to Flinders for lunch. Then Shoreham - Red Hill - Dromana.

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  2. sounds good,

    im in.
  3. ride into '09 sounds like it needs to be held on NYE... not almost 2 months into the year :LOL:
  4. I rode into the new year the day after new years eve :LOL: And now im riding WELL into the new year. By June 30th 09 I would have rode half way into the new year and by xmas 09 i would have rode 12 months into the new year :p
  5. You guys are just too mean.....
  6. sounds good to me
  7. I rekon I'll be in for that. Might bring a few other riders too.

    Maybe we should swing by Mornington Kawasaki for their 2-day sale :p
  8. I will be up for this :)
  9. put me down as a maybe :grin:
  10. Thinking of tagging along as well - might meet you at Frankston Pier :grin:
  11. i'm a definite....hope the weather stays kind!!
  12. I'm up for a ride this morning :)
  13. ok, great ride! thanks Chris for the lead. nice group, great people. 1st time i've met a lot of you & it's a great bunch (not that my approval's required but you know what i mean) of people who go to these rides.

    till next time,

    safe riding!