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[VIC] Ride from Werrribee, Sun Sep 10th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Sep 9, 2006.

  1. Added to Calendar by: James

    Starting in Werribee and ending in Werribee. The actual route will be decided by all riders at time. Start time 10am, meeting point McD's cnr Hogans & Derrimut Rds.

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  2. If you're going to come out this way I will meet you somewhere, can't get to Hoppers at 10am, but could be ready to leave by 10:30-11am.

    If you want to meet at Bacchus at 11am I can take you on a ride around the country side out here?
  3. Could be a good option. My plan was just to take a leisurely scenic ride (hence the beginner class) for the best part of Sunday and maybe stop by Subway or something for lunch. Plenty of stops will be required for caffein, petrol and chatting. I wouldn't mind going by Geelong / Bellarine Peninsula later in the day. My mobile is 0408 375 399, feel free to drop a message before 9 tonight or after 7 tomorrow.
  4. And here I was thinking I'd go on a blat along the GOR at around 5.30am

    I was going to ask the Q but it seems that port beat me to it.
  5. I got no issue with GOR, but I don't function too well at 5:30am :p
  6. 5:30 to the GOR :shock: It's SUNDAY!!!!!!!

    You'll be back in time to meet me at Bacchus at 11am then.

    How about 11am at Macca's Bacchus Marsh??
  7. Havent been on a NR ride yet, Ive read the event calender & category, is 100km fwy speed reqd or is it going by alternatives and slower speed ?

    Can someone advise ?
  8. the virago can hit 100 :p

    i cant make it man, i start work at 12. man i am getting so sick of this work BS. i get no time for nothing. i would have been there with bells on if not for work. well, maybe not bells, probably motorbike gear. sory dude.
  9. I haven't been on a net rider group ride yet and just saw this one - I'm tempted. If this is suitable for beginners (only picked up my bike a week ago buut been riding every chance I get :grin: ) then I might come along. Would be good to meet some other riders...

    I'll check the forum in the morning to see what's happening.
  10. Forecast for Sunday
    Fine. A mostly sunny day with a light to moderate southeasterly breeze.
    Precis: Fine.
    City: Max 17

    Considering it's going to be good weather (hopefully) I'd been planning to stick pretty close to the speed limits, but I'm sure we can sit below the limits to ensure you're comfortable. I would like to do a little freeway/highway work. Let us know your thoughts.

    I'm pretty sure we're not going to do anything too challenging. But this isn't an instructed ride and I'm not an experienced rider, so as far as learning stuff in a structured environment, this aint it. But if you're looking to go for a bit of a ride and catch up with some people then feel free to come along :grin:
  11. If you head this way the ride won't be too challenging, but still fun. It would involve some Hwy and some light twisties. I'd be happy to lead once you get out here, if you want to come out this way?
  12. Well, looks like it's going to be a nice day weather-wise so I might come out for the ride. Still meeting at Maccas at 10am?
  13. Yep, ready to roll from MaccyDees by 10am. So fuel and caffein up before hand. From there we'll head up to meet triway and take it from there.
  14. Sounds good, shouldn't be a hassle getting there by 10 am.
  15. Sheesh, some people.......

    I get there at 10, no one around, waited till 10.20 came home.

    At least next time allow 5 minutes grace in the event your watch is fast :roll:
  16. Hey Vic, things dont happen to fast in Bacchus on a Sunday morning :LOL:
  17. Actually we waited around until 10:20, everybody else got there.. sure you went to the right Maccas?

    Thanks to triway for some fun roads, we'll have to do that again. It was a clear day with barley two spots of rain and we managed to clock up an easy couple of hundred kms.
  18. Or Werribee even :LOL:
  19. Port80 & Triway, Thanks for the day.
    Clocked up 300Km's for the day.

    Not a bad first outing.

    Anyone heard from Triway or Ughboots?
    Ughboots spada defiantly didn’t sound right….
  20. Yeah I called Triway before and he said he had the Spada aboard and was heading Yarraville way. I'm sure ughboots will keep us up to date with the diagnosis on the Spada. Pity it happened his first week on the bike.