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[VIC] Ride for the Hills, Sun Apr 5th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Cameron Frewer

    The organisers of Ride for the Hills invites all motorcyclists on a charity ride in aid of the Red Cross in support of the Yarra Ranges bushfires.

    Where; Pier Rd, St Kilda
    Time; Ride starts 11am

    Please be sure to get there early

    Pre register ...

    ... more

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  2. Why would this have been put in the calendar when there's no finish point, no registration available etc?
  3. ensuring it goes in the weekly email/alerting people early enough to arrange Annual leave, make arrangments for kids, get cash together, get bike fixed? The important details are there, i.e. Date, Location, Start Time.

    This is a charitable Thing, not a cruise into the ranges, be a bit patient, be a bit flexible. It wouldn't be on display, unless it was approved.

    More info over the coming week

    Is what it says and what it means :roll:
  5. Here is todays press release from the MRA. Details ride and end point. We are working closely with all aurthorities and will bring you more info as it is released.


    Riders Unite to aid Bushfire Victims with Ride for The Hills
    Within 24hrs of the fire devastation that took place on Black Saturday, a coalition of riders formed, in
    response to calls from within the motorcycle community, and began organizing a fundraising raising ride
    that will rival the Toy Run which usually attracts up to 15,000 riders.
    In the past week the response has been phenomenal with endorsement being received from Australia’s
    largest motorcycle organization the Ulysses Club, various industry groups, Netrider (Australia’s largest
    motorcycle web site) and with advice and involvement from the MRA for their expertise in organizing
    large rides as but several examples as well as many individuals and clubs who have volunteered their
    Date: Sunday 5th April
    Starts at St Kilda Pier, Pier Road St Kilda Departing at 11.00 am
    Destination – Whittlesea
    Riders are being encouraged to pre-register for the ride by paying $20 via the official web site for the
    event at www.rideforthehills.org.au
    MRA(Vic) President John Karmouche said today, “The success of the event centres on how many riders
    we can publicise the event to. Consequently we are calling on everyone that hears about the ride to
    encourage other riders to register. We will even accept Non Attendance registrations for those who can’t
    make the ride but who still want to support the ride with a donation.â€
    Phillip Cassap, who has taken the leadership responsibility for organising the Ride for The Hills has
    spent many hours organizing meetings, talking to motorcycle clubs, liaising with City of Port Phillip and
    City of Whittlesea for their support and pulling together the event as a whole.
    Riders Playground According to the staff at the City of Whittlesea, many locals are riders themselves
    and the concept of bringing a large convoy of bikes to the area, which is the riders playground is
    something that they feel will appeal, especially to young children who have been affected by the fires.
    For further information contact:
    John Karmouche President MRA(Vic) –
    Phil Cassap –
  6. This is the email doing the rounds trying to get other clubs and groups involved in the day. I am getting a great response, but still want people doing their bit.


    You are receiving this e-mail because the Victorian bushfire
    victims need your help being part of the relief effort.

    Less than 24 hours after the devastation that took place on ‘Black Saturday 2009’ a coalition of riders formed a group committed to helping all those who suffered and are still suffering from the raging fires of thatday.

    This event is being organised as a mass ride in support of all the fire victims. Red Cross will be receiving all proceeds.

    All facets of the ride are now in place with traffic management, local and government authority/involvement, emergency services .

    There will be additional information on the website as it comes to hand.
    This ride have been developed by a neutral group of enthusiastic people who are not directly involved with any major club/group.

    We have on board however a number of rider clubs that have expertise in
    these kind of events and thank them enormously for their involvement.
    Whether you ride a scooter/chopper or sports bike, we need your help to make the biggest statement in support of the affected areas.

    What’s happening?
    Date; 5th April 2009
    Where; Pier Road, St Kilda
    Destination; Whittlesea
    Time; Ride leaves at 11am (please be early i.e. 8am)

    More info? www.rideforthehills.org.au (still under construction)

    What we need from you/your club or organisation;

     Please forward this attachment to all your friends/members and co-riders
     Add the link to any forums you may use
     Pre-register at the webpage once details are up
     Talk to your local paper about the ride/story and what you are being part off
     If you are a club member, organise a staging post in order for large groups to ride to the meet point
     If you feel you have something exceptional to offer please get in contact

    Best regards

    Cameron Frewer & Graeme Wise (Club Co-ordinators RFTH 2009)
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    Why do you need to know the finish point?

    The answer to your question is that in the time available to get this off the ground, several destinations have been identified.

    We had a meeting with City of Whittlesea on Wednesday past, and we have pretty well sorted going there. We are just waiting for the official approval and then its official.

    So, please bear with us - the next Ride for the Hills Committee meeting will be held on Monday 23rd Feb at Ferntree Gully Hotel.

    We need to recruit marshalls, and develop the publicity network.

    If anyone wants to help - we can find a job for you........ :grin:

    In the meantime - get the word out that the ride is on. And we want to make sure that if there are other events, that we all work together to support each other.

    There is no room for competition - its about raising money for the Bushfire Victims. A united approach will be good for the overall reputation of the motorcycle community.

    BTW - Cameron is working his butt off contacting Clubs to elicit their support. He deserves a huge pat on the back :) :)

    Its official - the destination is Whittlesea. :grin: :grin:

    We got the official nod from the Council today at 4pm.
  8. Just asked a simple question there Jhwaon.... :wink:
  9. Then I'm glad you read the rest of my answer.. :grin:
  10. :dance: :beer:

    Following the bushfires, many riders have expressed an interest in getting together to do something to help.
    In response to this, a group has been formed to organize this event…
    Represented are Ulysses Club, MRA (Vic), Netrider, Z Riders Club, The Scooter Association, Eastern Suburbs Motorcycle Club, HOGs, some independents, and others…
    All funds raised will be directed to Red Cross Bush Fire Victims Relief 2009
    Date: Sunday the 5th of April 2009
    Starting: Pier Road, St Kilda - by the Catani Gardens.
    Assemble: From 8am, there will be speakers at 10am
    Departing: 11am for Whittlesea
    Arriving at destination at around 1 o’clock.
    The Royal Melbourne Yacht Squadron has agreed to assist with their facilities. The provision of a green room for the celebrities for instance.
    The City of Port Melbourne has been most helpful.
    The Domain name www.rideforthehills.org.au has been registered. It is intended to set up a website Payment Gateway for the collection of Rider Registrations, which will form the main fundraising element of the event. Soon, the web site will be able to take registrations and ‘non attendance’ registrations for donations, but will still have the non-attendee in the draw for the range of raffle prizes.
    So girls and boys, stick this date in your diary. It a magnificent feeling, being part of a ride with a few thousand of your closest motorcycling friends.
  12. Ohhh... It makes me feel so warm and fuzzy :?
  13. I'm in for this one, pity the flyer didn't have a start point or a web address. Would have been so easy to print & hand out! oh well I can start by sending emails!
  14. What's involved with being a marshal?

    I can still only sit for 20-30mins at a time tops so I think the ride is out for me, but I still want to be involved more than just handing over money...

    Great work guys, will all be worth it when thousands of bikes show up on the day and lots of money is raised!! :)
  15. I think I am going to have to miss it :'( My wife is due around that weekend for number 2 baby. I may just register to ride, then hopefully I will be free to go, or If I can't, at least the money will be there.
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    Hope you can make it. I know a lot of people who can't, and are going to make a registration donation - so when we count the number of registrations - they will be there in spirit.

    You certainly won't be sitting around. Marshalls are required to park bikes as they arrive, traffic control and direct riders on the route. Help set up etc.

    And, they get a T Shirt and maybe some other rewards (TBC).
  17. Ride meeting points

    Over the last week a number of netriders and others have offered their help in staging meet points similar to the Toy Run.
    Indeed some of these points are the same.

    Thank you to all those that put their hands up.
    They are now busy druming up more support for the Red Cross and being part of a 'grass roots' effort to help those that need it more than we do.

    This link will also be featured on the main site so that other riders who may not be part of the forum or who just want to ride with others can join and make their way to St Kilda.

    This and also possible events (and there will be stuff happening) at the start mean that we should all arrive early.

    Heres the link to those meet points.

    Any others who want flyers of more info contact me cfrewer3@bigpond. There will be more info on the website shortly (I hope as i'ts not my thing) Otherwise drop me an email. I answer all.


    UPDATED 24th FEB 2009

  18. Perhaps the Mods could make this a Sticky!
  19. Fixed it for you LadyYamaha
  20. A sticky is something that needs to be permanent, hence the 'sticking' effect. This is a one off event.