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(Vic) Ride Daylesford Sat 16th June

Discussion in 'VIC' started by SteveGuzzi, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Winters here so whats better than a nice hot chocolate, and I'm told that the Chocolate mill is really good.

    Sounds like the Zen Ride you say. well it is.
    Nice quiet learner friendly ride with lunch at The Chocolate Mill

    Copied route from Rob, due to time constraints (thanks could get in touch with you)

    STARTING TIME: Leaving at 10:30am from the outbound https://netrider.net.au/pics/maps/vic-portmelbourne.gif Shell servo on the Westgate freeway. Meet at 10am for fuel, coffee and rider briefing just before take off.

    We'll take the freeway and http://tinyurl.com/2swe6q
    back way to Bacchus Marsh (some 62km) and regroup at the Maccas. This leg is quite straight and dull, but BUMPY!! We'll leaving again at 11:30am.

    From there we'll take the http://tinyurl.com/358qek
    back roads to Daylesford (some 72km) which will see us take in the pentland hills road, wombat state forest and Trentham. Mostly sweepers, but a couple of 40km/h bumpy corners.

    Destination is currently the Farmers Arms Hotel - www.farmersarms.com.au in Daylesford, but that might change as the day draws near.

    The ride will be at legal speeds and below - this is about Zen, not twisty bashing - and will probably end up with a major gas bag over lunch!

    Peeps are free to make their own way back at any time, or we'll just reverse the route after 3ish.

    Who's in?
  2. I"m in! Where are we meeting at 10? Westgate shell westbound?
  3. ya bugger!

    i'm moving house
  4. Don't worry Drew, you can go anytime you want to it's that close.
  5. i know.. i do that ride all the time from Blackwood/Greendale to Trenthan to Daylesford.

    Just more fun in a group sometimes
  6. It certainly is, wish I had a bike at the moment so I could join you. Remember to dress warm for the ride people - it gets real cold in some of those valleys (watch out for ice too the minimum temp at the moment's getting down to zero some nights here).
  7. Yeah, I should be able to make it. Gotta be back in Werribee early afternoon to coach basketball so wont be able to hang around for lunch.
  8. Might tag along for this one, maybe I'll meet up with yas along the way rather than coming down there.
    I'll await more details.
  9. Will there be a meet point in say B'Marsh ? I'd be happy to join the ride somewhere along the way.
  10. I will check with the minister for all things fun.

    Hopefully I can make it.

    ** Note: The Minister of all things fun has said aI can go as long as it is not raining. I am just getting over the Flu and can do without being wet as well.

    So as long as the weather is ok, I will be at the Shell Servo at 10am
  11. After scouring the planet I have sourced the worlds rarest sump plug, hand lathed in unobtanium by Italian virgins in the hills above Mugello. Now my Yellow masterpiece will be complete and I may join you all on this little winter wander.

    If theres a Bacchus Marsh meet point, let us know.
  12. A good meet point at bacchas Marsh would be the servo from last time. Anyone know the name/location of it? Aiming for the same time as the last Zen ride.
  13. Yep

    Oh, yeah, I'm in. I'm getting my heated hand grips fitted tomorrow night, so I'll toasty warm hopefully. Good chance to try them out.
    Let's try and stick with the group this time though shall we?!
  14. Its the one next to Macca's (or opposite), hard to miss, not sure what name though.
  15. Donski, are you the dude I got cut off from the group with?
  16. Nope

    Nope, not me, don't think we've met. Steve and I got separated from the group after 10 mins at last weeks Thurs night ride. Still a good night though
  17. G'day everyone,.....

    If your comming through Blackwood then I might tag along as well.
    Will tell Greenrider...it will Piss her off because she has to work!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Dr Who?
  18. And what is wrong with an old wine bottle cork Mr Hoity Toity? :p
  19. Chris & I'll probably b there.
    She needs all the practice she can get & this'll give us new roads 2 travel on.
  20. Only if this was on Sun I'd come along... Was wanting to meet more people and put names to faces/bikes. Havnt gone for a good ride since Anzac. Didnt exactly meet alot of people then either...

    Damn got work 2mrw... :( .