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[VIC] Ride and/or Counter Meal w/ carver [r36], Sat Apr 28th

Discussion in 'VIC' started by carver, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. [VIC] Ride and/or Counter Meal with carver [Revision 36.00.01]

    Saturday, April 28th

    Will definitely be at the Meet Point and later at the Clematis Pub.
    Feel welcome to show up for either or both.

    Actual Route depends on who turns up.
    May contain traces of -
    Mt Dandenong, Upper Pakenham, Gembrook, Launching Place, Noojee.

    Ride is subject to the prevailing weather conditions.
    If the weather is prohibitive, i have a factory nearby.
    We can crank up the BBQ and continue to entertain ourselves.

    10:00 - Pre-ride BBQ Breakfast/Brunch (PM or SMS for details)
    11:00 - Meet Point; CALTEX Servo
    ______ Dorset Rd, Bayswater North
    ______ (intersection with Canterbury Rd, 200m North of)
    ______ MEL-51-A-11
    17:00 - Clematis Pub (Paradise Hotel)
    ______ 249 Belgrave-Gembrook Rd, Clematis
    ______ (basically at the end of Wellington Rd)
    ______ MEL-127-A-4
    17:30 - Meals Start
    xx:xx - Closing Time; Get Kicked Out!

    NOTE: Check this original post for updates!
  2. Dude, just a heads up..

    The moderators round here are pretty fcuken anal and will probably delete this post in the next hour or so because you didn't post it in the calendar..

    How do I know? Because I posted something last night for Saturday as tentative, dependant on the weather. Someone replied, I went to bed, now it's not there... :shock:

    This is their forum, so it's their way, or the highway!!
  3. Umm dot - Carver is a moderator. :p :LOL: And I think it is in the calendar. ;)

    Hey Carver - I'd so do the ride with you but it's netball season and Saturday's are pretty much out for me :( have a great time though. :)
  4. As Rosie said, the OP is a mod themselves mate...
  5. :shock: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    My bad, my apologies!
  6. He's the one who deleted your post! :rofl:
    Hehe, oh boy, I'm going straight to the holding thread.

  7. Yes, but not in this section of the forum, interesting how the forumbot post doesn't exist, I think a bit of help from someone.

    Dot, the rule is you can post 3 days prior, other than that it's gotta be the calendar which isn't that hard. Don't let the calendar put you off posting rides Josh.
  8. Re: [VIC] Ride and/or Counter Meal w/ carver [r36], Sat Apr

    my apologies for the confusion.
    added it to the calendar, waited for approval, then created the post.
    an unusual approach, yet i believe it to be within the guidelines.

    my (possibly limited) understanding is
    you should be fairly right to post in Ride and Event Announcements section(s)
    as long as you do two things;
    #1 - make solid commitment to a Date, Time and Place
    #2 - make an effort to use the Calendar feature (ergo #1)

    all these posts had me thinking some souls were brave enough to weather the conditions. :(

    thanks Rosie :)

    even comments such as, "i'd like to come except ...
    ... i have other commitments
    ... the weather is shit
    ... etc, etc"

    are appreciated. :grin:

    and Schef,
    your stirring could get me in trouble :p
  9. My stirring up gets me into trouble dood.
    And for the record, i'd love to come, but I'm starting Auskick tomorrow, and i have a partay to attend tomorrow night.
    If i can sneak in a ride, you know i will.

  10. Oh bollicks, I missed this. I might try to make it down to the pub for a quick beer with ya Karel.
  11. If he organises another one of these rides . . .

    Go along !!!

    You should have seen his breakfast order at Eden !!! :eek: