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VIC: RGV250 - fine on L’s, but not on restricted license?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by lambi, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. Well the story is I got my L’s back in January last year, so the next day we went out and I bought myself an RGV, knowing I wouldn’t be affected by the new LAMS that was coming in July. Got pulled over once by police and explained the situation about getting my L’s before July, all good, until I went for my license late April this year.

    Well I just received my license in the mail today...conditions: E (LAMS & no pillion passenger)

    Anyone know if they make exceptions for the LAMS restriction considering I had my L’s and bought my bike well before the LAMS came in?
  2. Yea if you get your P's before the date you're fine, L's dont count. (I'm in the same situation as you but in NSW, 3 yrs p for me to look foreward to...)
  3. ohhh great...gotta love that
  4. Why so long before you went for your licence?
  5. I don't believe thats correct.
    My understanding was if you owned / rode the bike on L's or P's prior to LAMS you were fine.
    Check with Vicroads.
  6. same question the cop asked me. partly for more experience and partly due to laziness i suppose.
    ahh very good, will carry my L's around in my wallet too in that case
  7. My situation was with the RTA, i'm not screaming to get a bigger bike (I lie, but won't get serious looking for one for a while) but being unrestricted 2 years earlier gets me more headroom with demerit points. Hopefully it doesnt apply to us, but i'm almost certain that they start counting from when you get your P's.