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[VIC] RFTH feeder run from the West departing from Race Repl

Discussion in 'VIC' started by ForumBot, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Added to Calendar by: Brij

    Just to let you know I'll be running the feeder run for RFTH from the West from Race Replica Shop 6-7/535 Geelong Road, Brooklyn 3012 Vic through to the St. Kilda Pier. We will be meeting at Race Replica at 7:30am for an 8AM sharp departure. If you a...

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  2. Attendees for this meet point so far: (Will add as notified)

    Myself (Brij)
    Matt B (True Callin') TEC
    Cameron - (Slow Coach)
    Clarkie +3
    Dim +3?

    If we get enough people I'll try and see if I can organise a coffee van or something..... (not that I can compete with Guye's Golden Arches bribery!) There will be food and drink on sale at St. Kilda on arrival as well and fund raising events at the pier.
  3. C'mon guys - I am beating Brij! :p Don't let that happen or I'll be unbearable! Support your local meet feed. :)
  4. Maybe the lure of soggy squished maccas sausage and egg mcmuffins will do the trick!!
    How many can you fit down your top Brij??

    (ps, you coming to the last meeting Mon at 6.30?)

  5. Meeting is at 7pm Cam :wink: :p
  6. I'll be there with three others and maybe three more will let you know if other are coming
  7. Hi folks, route is all planned out. We will be heading past the pier to the BP marina before heading to the start point. This is to allow you all to fuel up prior to the ride and also to prevent us all from having to make a group u-turn as we can not make a right hand turn into pier street from the direction that we are heading in.
  8. I'll drag myself out of bed early and join you for the ride in

  9. If i'm not running late, i'll see you guys at the meet point :)

    Will be nice to finally meet you brij :)
  10. Re: [VIC] RFTH feeder run from the West departing from Race

    Hi Brij,

    I will also be trying to get my friends up early enough to get us all to Race Replica in the morning (3 - 4 bikes total). Mine is white V-Star (TWNKL plates).

    Hope to see you in the morning :)