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VIC retailers for motorbike gear - pants, jackets, etc

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by xabit, Jun 20, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,

    I've had a trawl through the forums looking for any mentions about decent shops that have a good range of gear and accessories prior to posting this. My only experience is with Peter Stevens with what they have upstairs. I was in Sydney at the start of the year and went to an awesome place that had a huge range of jackets, helmets, gloves, pants, etc. It was in a warehouse building. Do we have anything similar in Victoria around the Melbourne area? I always like a bit of variety to have options and I'm reluctant to shop online yet until I'm more familiar with what gear generally floats around.
  2. AMX out at Keilor also another outlet down the otherside of Dandenong, currently Brighton Kawasaki is selling everything as they are closing down, someone's got a thread on here about that
  3. amx motorcycle accesseries in bayswater is pretty good. its a warehouse with generally discounted stuff. they have a bit of everything.

    Starider is a small shop on north rd, ormond [mainly online based business]. they have an ok range of stuff, but prices are really good.

    though you can't really beat the range that elizabeth st in the city has to offer.
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  4. Their store has closed down. Online only now.
  5. There's another fairly new mainly online gear retailer based in Springvale/Clayton as well, forget the name but i'm sure i found them from an advertising banner on here.
  6. BikeMart in Ringwood (next door to A1, around the corner from PS).
  7. dont these guys put on a Netrider discount nite?
  8. Used to, when a now-lapsed member organised it.
    Always worth asking the question about discounts.
  9. ok thought I DID see it on here once or twice
  10. They were good last weekend when I was buying all my gear (I'm going for my learners this Saturday), the man helping me was very helpful and I think I got a fair deal.
  11. Thanks everyone, I have decided to go check out AMX tomorrow for sure. Maybe if time permits, BikeMart. I didn't know either existed so cheers to you all. ^_^