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Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by enforcer, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. In Victoria if a person has a full car licence but is still on restrictions for a motorbike, how many demerit points would that person have?

  2. They would have 12 points.

    How many have you just lost?
  3. Agreed with Vic on a bike *licence*, but if you're on your bike *learners*, you only have 5 points. It's a new law that they briefly went over during my learners test last week.

  4. Thanks vic,

    I haven't lost any... :roll: ...it's just worth while knowing.
  5. Yeah spot on, this applies to ALL learners and probationary licence holders in Victoria, 5 demerit points in a 12 month period and you lose your licence/learners (actually been in force for at least 12 months). Don't know how the rules work though if you hold a bike learners and rack up 5 points driving on a full car licence.
  6. The glass is always half full!
    Should've asked him how many points he had remaining - for most of us on here it's a matter it's easier to count from 0 - 3 than it is to count down from 12. :D
  7. So you're saying probationary licence holders have 5 points (with full car licence)?...vic said 12
  8. Jeez, this is potentially confusing, if you've already got a car licence.
    So would you have 12 car points, but 5 bike points?
    If, so, do you have to lose the bike points on the bike, or could you lose all five points in the car and then lose your bike licence? But still have a car licence? :-k
    Would they keep a separate tally?

    Tinfoil Time - they maybe knock back your 12 points for the car to 5 while you are a bike learner - just to make it less attractive to go for your bike licence :shock:
    Hey, just thought - you could be on 6 points, go for your bike licence and be instantly disqualified from driving the minute you passed your bike test! :LOL:
  9. If you have a full car licence in Victoria then there is no probationary licence for riding (you have a full licence that is restricted for 12 months) so therefore you have the normal 12 points. Don't know if you could lose your learners permit racking up 5 demerit points whilst driving, however it is the same licence number so chances are you could (wouldn't want to test it out).
  10. You do not have seperate licenses.
    If your license enables you to drive a car without restrictions, you have 12 points in any 3 year period regardless of what type of motorcycle endorsement you have on that license. Traffic offences are not allocated to your bike endorsement/license or your car endorsement/license, but to your license as a whole.