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[vic] Restricting an unrestricted LAMS bike

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by franzferdipants, Nov 3, 2008.

  1. So I brought down my LAMS bike from Canberra to Victoria, sat it in a garage to wait until my licence became full and finally got it unrestricted.

    Now I'm selling it. Back in ACT (and when I got it unrestricted in Vic) I was told by dealers that the bike would have to be restricted again to be sold. Now I've got people telling me that in Vic once a bike is unrestricted you can't go back. In effect the bike ceases to be LAMS approved.

    The VicRoads site does not mention a thing about this. In fact I can't find anything that says I can't sell it unrestricted to a full licence, or re-restrict and sell it to a learner. In fact why couldn't I sell it unrestricted to a learner. I know they can't ride it, but there is nothing saying they can't own it.

    Little help?
  2. IMHO, that is BS. Never heard of such a thing before.

    Your bike can be sold as is. The onus is all on the buyer to ensure he/she
    is legal when riding it.

    Not that it should be any problem to you whether its LAMS approved or not.

    Other than that, I have no idea on that one.


    Thats what I'm saying above. You can sell your bike in any state or condition
    to whoever. Thereafter, what happens is not your business or
  3. Since it's complianced as a LAMs bike, I don't think it can possibly not be a LAMs bike, ever. Compliance is the inviolable rule. What do your rego papers say?
  4. Rego papers are pre-LAMS Victoria. According to VicRoads I should have gotten a LAMS sticker months ago and the next rego will say it is LAMS.
  5. I just had a chat with the guys at Stafford Motorcycles. Yes, it is technically possible to re-restrict the bike but the bureaucrats at VicRoads will not change the VIN back from full power to LAMS on their database.

    Overall I think this is ridiculous. This absolutely guts learners wanting a bike bigger than 250cc by basically saying you can only buy them brand new. Then when you do buy them you face an uphill battle selling it later. For private sellers like me you are stuffed. I've only had enquiries from learner riders.

    But hey, it's great for the dealers. They can spin the line and sell more bikes because riders won't find out about this for years. Yay them.
  6. What sort of bike is it?
  7. Hyosung GT650RL, but the law applies for all LAMS bikes that can do a full power conversion.
  8. The problem is you jumped through their hoops.

    If you kept it off the books & just bought some SV650 slides for the carbs, no one would have been the wiser & you could have sold it as LAMS.

    Oh well, in hindsight.
  9. God Victorians are retarded.

    Never seen so many questions about something as simple as LAMS. Bloody hell.
  10. In NSW, if you do it the "correct" way through a dealer, you must show your license to prove that your a full license holder and then it is registered on the RTA database and the complience plate is stamped so it can never go back as a LAMS bike.
    Should of done as I did, and as was suggested before, Suzuki slides and do it yourself.
  11. Hi guys, New to the forum.

    I was searching for the same question today and found this thread. Sorry for starting it again after such a long time.

    I am getting an Yamaha XJ6S which is a LAMS bike and was wondering what I have to do get it derestricted apart from the technical change obviously.

    Will it be better to leave it as LAMS on Vicroads books and make the change? I think it will for reselling later.
    Is it illegal to remove the restriction if the bike suppose to be an LAMS bike? Even if I have a full license and can ride unrestricted bikes, can I unrestric the bike without breaking the law?

  12. As far as im aware there is no derestriction available for that model bike, at least thats the line Yamaha were spouting when I asked about it.

    leaving a bike Learner Legal will ALWAYS help the resale.
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  14. Easy swap mate, just a throttle stopper that needs to be removed. As for the LAMS thing, well thats up to you but bear in mind that once LAM condition is removed form the bike, it can't be reapplied
  15. I'm still not sure what the replacement part number is or what it is called. Any ideas? Is it something you have to get from the dealer or is an aftermaket unit available?
  16. You can still sell your bike, it's just that you're now selling a bike that can only be ridden by a full licence holder so you'll (probably) have less potential buyers.

    Patience.. it'll eventually sell (as long as it's at fair market value).
  17. I'm not sure what penalties actually apply in this case. Obviously if you are caught riding a derestricted bike and you don't have the appropriate licence then you're in trouble, but I really don't know what the story is if you derestrict it when you have a full licence and not report the derestriction.
  18. No idea, there was a thread on it that got rebirthed recently I think. It's something on the throttle body though.
  19. I was so close to getting an ECU for my bike (i would have purchased it had i won the bid on ebay), however thinking about it now im sort of glad i didn't get it.

    My bike is in the top end when it comes to LAMS bikes, i think its better off keeping it for a short amount of time and then selling it, putting the money towards a 1000cc when im on my full licence.