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VIC - Requirements for a Roadworthy

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by ElZilcho, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Hi guys,

    Ive just bought an old 250 for my gf to learn on (a Honda VT250F Integra), does anyone have a list of the RWC requirements? I can only find those for a car on the vicroads site.

    If not, does anyone know if the windscreen and plastics are considered? Because the screen has gone yellow from age and there are some breaks on the fairings.



  2. Got one yesteday and i Quote from the form

    Wheels and tyres (no dings good tread no cracks)
    Steering and suspension (no rust on shafts/leaks and loose steering head /swing arm)
    Brakes (pads not worn down to limit/ Discs in size)
    Brake performance (Road Test)
    Seat (no Rips)
    Lamps signals Reflectors (working as required no faded /cracked lens)
    Exhaust and emission (No leaking joints / not to loud)
    Windscreen and windows ( if the screen is in your line of sight must be clear)
    Body and chasis (no rust / mis mounted body work loose etc)
    Engine and driveline (blows no smoke death rattles etc )

    Thats it pretty painless $50 and about 1/2 hour

    Good luck
  3. I have some rust on the gear lever, is that a certain fail for rwc?
  4. Shouldn't think so, although some places are real pricks. One place i went to for the gpx said it needed a new cam chain. Uh uh, all gpx engines sound like that! If you turn up with a clean reasonably presented bike they dont tend to look as hard at the petty things (in my experience with both bikes and cars). And the inspection at vicroads is just to check the vin number and engine number, they aren't especially interested in anything else (again, from my experience)
  5. i wouldnt think so.. but probably a good idea to clean it up if possible
  6. If you can, go to BikeTune in Dandy. Reasonable and understanding. I used them last week and very glad i did.
  7. Most of the rust is gone, a bit of sandpaper done the trick :grin:
  8. since when is surface rust a safety issue???