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[VIC] Reputable bike shop in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by gracebeey, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. Hi all,

    Not being too familiar with the Melbourne motorcycle scene, can you please advise where the popular/good bike-shopping areas are? I need to buy a pair of waterproof boots, maybe pants too, and perhaps a new helmet.

    Also, I'll need to get my bike serviced soon (normal servicing), can anyone recommend a good reliable shop to get this done? Hopefully if it's good I can make it my 'regular' shop and get all my servicing done there.

    Many thanks!

    Grace :) :)

  2. You're in "Melbourne Melbourne"? Or Melbourne Hoppers Crosssing? Or Melbourne Doncaster....or?
  3. City West Yamaha - Hoppers Crossing on Old Geelong Rd. Right near the other two bike shops. Speak with Adam, he'll get you well sorted.
  4. Have to agree, City West.

    Then , I ride a Yam.
  5. I've updated my profile, Bonkers. I didn't specify which area as I'm willing to travel to a good shop if it's within the 'Melbourne' vicinity.

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys! Sounds like a good shop, I'll check their range out this weekend. Any other suggestions for bike servicing? I ride a Suzuki, by the way.
  6. PS in Elizabeth St can be good or upstairs in the yammy place next door.

    edit. oops I meant for gear.
  7. PS in the city *can* be good, but as poor lefty found out they can also not be so good.

    Raceway Suzuki in Niddrie would probably be the best people if you're happy to go a little distance. Tony there really knows his stuff.

    But Raceway Suzuki or City West Yamaha , you won't go wrong. Otherwise you could bring it to a spanner night.
  8. There should be a sticky for the "best service" from xx shop in each area ;)

    I'll speak to Admin about it :p
  9. +1 Raceway Sukuki.
  10. Mick Hones in Box Hill. Luke knows his chit and Mick aint a half bad grumpy bahsted. Bit far from you tho :?
  11. ++++++ Raceway Suzuki
    Tony is a bloody legend!!!

  12. John at motorcycle city (Elizabeth street) does my maintenance.

    seems a good chap, tells me what's what and does what it says on his box.
  13. Cheers for that, everyone!

    I'll try out Raceway Suzuki then (or City West Yamaha if that one's too booked out). I'm happy to travel a distance to the shop cuz...isn't that's just another excuse to ride? :grin:

    I'll also try out the Motorcycle city for gears I think, I'll drop by when I'm in the city. I've been avoiding that area as it's always so busy.
    I swear, I don't understand why they say guys don't like to shop, because by god they flock to window-shop around that Elizabeth st like seagulls! I'll have to brave the crowd I suppose! :p
  14. Very bad Peter Stevens experience

    Assuming by PS you mean Peter Stevens, then I have to say that my experience with them was very bad.

    Around the start of November 2007 my Cagiva Mito failed under warranty (faulty carb float I believe). Nothing too bad there - these things happen, and it was covered by warranty, so I was fine (or so I thought ...)

    Things took a very bad turn when it became apparent that they were in no particular hurry to sort things out. It took them ages to sort out a replacement part, and did so only after a lot of encouragement on my part. The excuse was always something along the lines of "the part is on the way ..." despite an absence of evidence to support that claim. Delay after delay after delay until finally one of their senior staff managed to procure a new float from somewhere in Melbourne and have it fitted.

    They did lend me a loan scooter (a Bollwell of some description) when I asked (this after a few weeks of waiting - the repair eventually took well over a month). The loan scooter then died spectacularly on the motorway - engine failure with lots of smoke and no power. Fun in rush hour. The second loan scooter (another Bollwell but older) was scratched up by a car driver who knocked into it while it was parked up. I got his details & passed them on to PS, thinking that would be the end of it.

    Finally, at the start of January 2008 (yes, after the bike failed at the start of November 2007), I got the Mito back.

    Then, to add insult to ... insult ... in early February I got a call from Peter Stevens, demanding that I pay them the insurance excess for the scooter which was damaged while parked up. This despite having the contact details for the guy who damaged it - and admitted to damaging it, and who was (as I determined when I called him myself) happy to pay cash for the repairs. I made it perfectly clear to PS that they would have to sue me to get one single solitary cent out of me, and they backed down.

    So I'm going to be taking my Mito somewhere else for the next service.
  15. I see your problem already....you bought a european bike :D.Parts for european stuff is way beyond a joke.Id have to say that from both sides of the fence(being both a customer of PS and they are a customer of ours) They have always bent over backwards for us in supplying parts (spares section) and fitting tyres ect at the work shop.We know what we want to buy so they dont have to play sales games with us.We dont give them a hard time and they dont give us a hard time.They are dealers for most brands of bikes and accesories...and THEY DONT MARK UP THE RECOMENDED RETAIL PRICE OF GENUINE PARTS!!!!!I think they are great....by the way that bolwell wasnt black by any chance was it???
  16. Greg Johnson at Johnson Cycle Tune, in market st. Sth Melb is good too.
  17. I can strongly recommend Pablo's in Mulgrave ... great service, friendly and knowledgeable people.