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(VIC)Report into country bus crash urges review of speed limits

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by stewy, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/vi...-of-speed-limits/story-e6frf7kx-1225925307300

    So now they think 100km/hr on country roads is the issue, and they want too review it, wonder what the magically safe number will be 80? 60? 40?

    From a recent trip i did, only 400km in a day droning down the hwy at 100km/hr i actually found myself on the edge of falling asleep (serious fatigue), now some might think 400km is a long way, well a standard ride day for me is closer to 6-700+km in a day on crappy backroads at suitable speeds for the conditions and rarely have i felt the type of fatigue i did on this recent trip down the hwy.....imo any reduction in speed limit on country roads will only increase deaths of people falling a sleep at the wheel. ](*,)
  2. Same view as yours was used to INCREASE the speed limit on certain Italian highways.
  3. I thought
    Summed up the cause pretty can't see speed having anything to do with it...
  4. agree with stigger
  5. <Wowser>

    Haven't you folks been listening to all the TV advertising? SPEED KILLS. Let's reduce the country speed limit to 40 km/h and the urban speed limit to 25 km/h. I for one will not rest until Victoria has a ZERO road toll.


  6. they'll NEVER increase limits here. think about it, first up the 'speed kills' bullshit they've been pedaling nation-wide will be drowned in their own stupidity, they can't pop you for speeding so easily if there's less room above the posted limits to speed
    yes but any accident involving a truck is always the truck driver's fault and 99.99999% of the time the truck is moving too fast even when moving at 25% of the posted limit on an otherwise empty road with perfect visibility and weather
  7. pretty much.
  8. if they reduce the speed limit to 80 on the rural roads etc, i will just do double it. simple.
  9. One crash and the f’wit calls for state-wide speed limit reviews.

    Who is this bureaucrat and how much is he/she costing the community?
  10. stigger got it in one.
  11. But if the truck was doing 40, the truck would have been able to brake in time. In fact, it wouldn't need to because he would still be trundling past alice springs.

    Yep, speed limits should be dropped, case closed.
  12. The wife and I recently did a drive from Cairns to Melbourne, we have got to say driving in Victoria was the most boring and mentally draining drive I (and her) have ever done, From the Border of NSW to Melbourne was just so boring, long straight stretches stuck at 110kph, all the while watching the Speedo and slowing down when the TomTom beeped saying a fixed speed Camera was coming up ahead.

    But a couple of times on that drive I had to pull over because I was getting so mentally drained because of the long boring stretches. how is that safe?
    We always pull over every couple of hours, but in Victoria it just seemed so much worse.

    On a Side note.
    What amazes me is how much people complain about the Cameras in Victoria, but how little civil disobedience is directed towards them, look at the UK, people vandalized the Cameras, set them on Fire, spray painted them or knocked them down.
    Does that sort of thing happen in Victoria and it's just not publicized?
    If I had the misfortune to be living in Vic, I would be out with a spray can on a stick every couple of weeks doing some "Renovations"
  13. speed cameras were NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER about safety. that's just the shit they pedal to stop the public uprising resulting from the sound of 1000 cash registers ringing all in unison.
    plus, so long as the beige cardi brigade swallow their every word and keep voting them in, it's the same shit that will be pedaled for years to come
  14. #14 robsalvv, Sep 18, 2010
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    Mkey even most Victorians have been beige-ified but with most cameras installed on busy freeways & intersections, within surveillance cams zones, just when do you go out with a spray can?
  15. I hope you didn't go too quick between the cameras on the Hume as they measure the time taken to drive between them as well as the speed you drive past them so slowing down at them doesn't help you still get pinged if your average speed it too high..............
  16. Well It was 6 - 8 weeks ago that we drove down (We moved to Launceston, The wife transferred to a new job) and so far we have not received any Tickets in the Mail.

    We were careful when driving around, kept at or below the speed limit. just to "Be Safe"
    but the constant watching of the Speed limit is very draining and so very unsafe.

    And Robsalvv, I'd find a way to get out the Paint can somehow. Or a water balloon full of Paint or some other way of disrupting the revenue stream, even if it is only for a few hours until the unit is cleaned. It has worked very well in the UK.
  17. Has a bike.
    Owns a helmet.
    Uses imagination.