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[VIC] Replacment helmets every 3 years?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by CBRSteve, May 13, 2008.

  1. Found this under the "Opinon" section in the Knox Leader that arrived today (yes, there actually is someone who reads the local paper out there :grin: )

    "Motorbike riders now have to purchase helmets every 3 years. What a joke".

    Anyone know anything about this?

    (Apologies if this has already been brought up in another thread. Its been donkeys since my last post :( )
  2. lol.. who on god made that rule, and how could you police a rule like that.. f*&ken idiots
  3. Without a corroborating source, I call bullshit.
  4. Yep - thought as much
  5. Still, it's always been a good recommendation to replace the helmet every few years, as the foams and other materials become brittle or weak. (Plus you get the newest, most fashionable designs! ;)

    But there's no law that requires it that I know of.
  6. Get a new one as a reward for not crashing in 3yrs I say! :LOL:
  7. with arai its 5 years.
  8. Are we talking about the same company of auspicious suburban journalistic tomes that is the also the 'Oakleigh-Monash Leader' who in the May 13, 2008 edition on page 50, under the tuition of the VACC, and with the headline " Think small for big savings" picture a scooter rider wearing only an open face helmet, tee shirt, jeans and sneakers....no sign of any real protective gear anywhere.
  9. as with Shoei
  10. 5 years for BMW as well.
    What a non story.
  11. Quiet news week.

    And Shhhhh - that's just the kind of easy shit to bring in overnight. I hope no-ones giving them ideas.
  12. Some pollie probably bought shares in a foam manufacturing plant.
  13. does it matter? How long do you keep you helmets for anyway?
  14. And how long has it been sitting in its box since it was manufactured?

    What are the differences in wear between helmets worn daily and those worn once a week?
  15. The only time limit I know of is in car racing, there are 3 rules for helmets:

    1. must be approved to whatever standard
    (varies by category of racing)
    2. must not show any visible damage at all (not even a paint scratch)
    3. must not be more than 10 years from manufacture date

    Once you take a helmet out of the shop and use it, there are various
    factors influencing its' lifetime:
    - how much sun/UV radiation it gets
    - how much pollutants e.g. ozone it gets
    - how much physical wear and tear (from on/off your head)
    interior crushing
    fabric wear
    strap wear and stretching
    interior damage due to sweat acidity, bacteria, mould/rot, etc
    - how much of those minor oop's e.g. 1 foot drop
    - and of course the manufacture type/quality/materials/method.

    So a daily use helmet in all conditions will only work well for a few years
    whereas the same helmet lovingly cared for and ridden in once a month
    might last up to 10 years...